Professional, warm and welcoming, the Reiki room is used for teaching courses, holding support groups and providing a healing space for all our students. 

We have had to make necessary changes in order to keep our students safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic.


We now have washable flooring and screens allowing 5 students the opportunity to practice in a safe, secure space.  4 screens in a X formation and one stand alone for a 5th student and myself.

Students will be met at the door with a temperature check and hand gel.  Face coverings are to be worn on entry and may be removed if preferred once seated.  Plastic baskets provided for shoes, bags and jackets - (wiped down between sessions).  

Courses are for a maximum of 5 attendees in house and 2 online. 

Whilst 'Relax and Heal with Reiki' is attached to a private dwelling, the room comes with it's own external door and washroom.

*Beds out for practice groups: Long gone now the days when we could 'heal' this close within the Reiki room!

But the beauty of Reiki is that everything can be practiced distantly, as it's all about INTENT, and focusing the energy.  When you better understand Reiki you come to an understanding that there is no distance!