Professional but warm and welcoming, the Reiki room is used for teaching and healing sessions. When the therapist bed is folded up, the room can comfortably seat up to 10.


All courses, workshops and support groups are currently run from the Reiki room.  

We hold either courses or support groups on the majority of Wednesdays and Thursdays, both morning and evening sessions. Giving students the opportunity to develop their Reiki skills and learn new ones.  Student's are welcome to stay on for a tea & biscuits and enjoy a social at the end of the sessions, if they would like too (half hour).

Courses and Workshops are for a maximum of 6 Attendees. Keeping the groups small means I can give 1-2-1 attention to those that require it.


Whilst 'Relax and Heal with Reiki' is attached to a private dwelling, the room comes with it's own external door and washroom.

When groups are smaller than 5, we may enjoy some relaxation time in our new pod and 'Reiki Style' Garden, if time and weather allows!