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This page is due to be updated as guidelines change!


Covid-19: We are taking every precaution to allow our Reiki students to return safely to the Reiki room without the fear of catching Covid-19!

We begin with a pre-arrival check, where students will be asked the 3 government guideline questions:

  1. Have you had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?

  2. Do you have a high temperature? (this will be checked at the door)

  3. Have you noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?

  4. And my own personal question - How are you feeling?

Students will be encouraged to stagger arrival and departure times by 5 minutes.

They will be met at the door with a temperature check (distantly - 2" from the forehead)

Face coverings must be worn until they are seated in their 'bubble' (they can be purchased for 50p)

Hand gel is encouraged (and available by the door)

On arrival each student will be provided with a plastic basket to put their shoes, bags and coats in.

This will be washed down between groups.

Full length, free standing screens in a X formation will allow for 4 students to sit in their own safe ‘space’ .  And one further screen will allow for another student and myself to sit opposite each other.

Social distancing encouraged when moving around the reiki room

Students will be asked to bring their own towel to cover the chair/cushion to sit on, and to bring their own water bottle.

If students use the toilet, the area will be cleaned immediately between students.

Windows will be opened on warm days and when possible.

We also have an excellent quality air purifier that will be available when all groups are in process.

A naturally cleansing (essential oils) air purifying spray will also be used between groups.

We will do everything possible to protect our students from contracting Covid-19 from each other or from the Reiki room.

And for those not ready to return, we will do everything possible to support you on-line.

Our Aim:

To provide a safe and secure environment in which students can practice.

To provide on-going learning opportunities.

To provide moral support through teacher and fellow students

To provide an opportunity to receive Reiju or Attunement

To provide an opportunity for students to socialize with others who have similar interests.

To provide motivation towards self practice.

To provide an opportunity to extend hands-on healing skills

To provide students with the opportunity to continue the healing journey.

If you would like to be part of a circle of friendly, welcoming Reiki Practitioners then please feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you.    Love and Light, Natalie X