When it's better to go feet first!

I had a client who suffered ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - a neurological conditions which causes muscle pain, intense physical or mental exhaustion, relapses, and specific cognitive disabilities) she was in her 70's and this was the third time in her lifetime that she had the condition return. Once it arrived it would usually last around 18 months to 2 years!

On her first session I started Reiking her as usual, starting on the shoulders, then head, working my way down the torso, to the feet. Now, this is when some strange things started to take place. As my hands lay on her shoulders, to relax her, nothing unusual appeared to happen, but when I moved them onto her head, well … lets say over the next 40 minutes it looked more like I was performing an 'exorcism'! Every part of her moved, her legs would start to slowly come up, her back arched, her head went slowly from one side to the other, her back continuing to arch, legs raising slowly up and down, shoulders rotating … you can imagine my surprise/shock and bewilderment as to what was going on!

When it first started I wondered whether I should carry on, then a little voice (my teachers) inside my head said 'Reiki can do no harm', so I continued. She had her eyes closed throughout the whole session and appeared quite relaxed and unalarmed by the events. So at the end of the session I finished as usual on the feet (for grounding).

I gently stirred her, and asked if she was okay (in the best calm, nothing unusual happened here voice I could muster!), she said she was fine. She then asked 'Does Reiki always do that'? I asked her 'do what?' she said 'move the body like that'? I replied, 'no not always' (still trying not to sound alarmed!). Then I asked her if it had happened before, and she said yes every time she had reiki this had happened to her. 'OH PHEW!' … We parted with arranging to see her next week … the moment the door was shut, I rang my teacher Simon, and asked him what had just happened?

He explained to me that with a neurological condition, and especially with a condition like ME, the energy is stuck and looking for a way out, something will have been blocked and so the energy couldn't get out through the feet as it does with most people. And with ME the energy was usually stuck in the thigh muscles, and had been for quite some time, and as I was reiking her head, I was bringing all the energy upwards (hence the leg movement) as it was trying to find a way out. Well that made sense!

His advice was to always start on the feet first with any neurological condition and to then be guided or use intuition (Reiji-ho).

So the next time she came I spent the whole session on her feet, and she was quite happy with this, and I explained to her that I now understood what had taken place previously.

During this session her legs still raised but nothing else did. It was probably by session 4 that her legs eventually slowed to the odd jerk here and there. And by session 5 I worked on her heart chakra and throat chakra. Lots of emotions came up. By session 6 I rested on her shoulders, but kept away from the head area!

She reported that her family could see the mental and emotional difference in her quite quickly, as she was normally very down, depressed, quite negative … it still took a while for the physical symptoms to improve to a greater degree, but life was easier now for her and her family.

Whilst it is great to learn by experience it is also better that as Reiki practitioners we have some knowledge or understanding of this beforehand.

I previously had another client, and I was surprised really that she still trusted in Reiki, as 3 previous Reiki practitioners had treated her on the head, causing her head to feel like it was going to explode. She too, had a neurological condition, that meant the energy was stuck and trying to find a way out, as the practitioners worked on her head, the energy was trying to exit through her head, causing her a terrible pounding headache. I now was able to share with her the reason for this, and advised her to explain to practitioners in the future not to work on her head! We started a session feet first, getting as far as the shoulders, and she was able to enjoy and benefit from the whole session.

I hope this helps/supports Reiki practitioners, or anyone 'suffering' with a neurological condition and being treated with Reiki.

Other times to go feet first: MS, Epilepsy, Severe Migraine, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke and Dementia … and any other neurological disorder.

When it's better to go feet first with Reiki

Love and Blessings my dear friends Xxx

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