Working with the Energies at 2nd Degree

Taggart Kings explanation: The Reiki Symbols

The following information on Symbols will be taught and experienced on your 2nd Degree Course. I thought it an opportunity to share with you a little about the symbols to refresh for those of you that have already taken your 2nd degree course what the symbols represent, and to remind you to be working with CKR first and foremost! And it's a little heads up for those due to take the course in the near future!

The 1st Symbol CKR (Focus) elicits the energy of Earth Ki which allows us to fully experience our physical reality. Earth Ki is the energy of the physical body, our physical existence, an energy that reminds us of who we really are.

We spend 6 to 9 months working with Earth Ki, before moving onto regularly working with Heavenly Ki. The Earth Ki gives us a solid foundation to work with the other energies/symbols.

At 2nd degree you can replace alternatively the Usui Self-Healing Meditation for working with CKR Earth Ki. Look through your 2nd Degree Okuden manual for ways in which to incorporate this into your practice. After around 6 months, you can move onto the energy of SHK Heavenly Ki. If you feel heady, then your not quite ready, move back to CKR!

The 2nd Symbol SHK (Harmony) elicits the energy of Heavenly Ki which allows us to fully experience our spiritual essence. SHK makes a link with the spiritual and can be seen as having an effect on the more rarefied levels, our thoughts and emotions, it draws the 2 energies into 'harmony'. This is a powerful process for achieving balance and developing spiritually.

The 3rd Symbol HSZSN is actually Japanese Kanji, is typically used for distance/remote healing, used as a tool to focus the energy distantly, but it is really all about Connection, recognizing we are all one! Oneness is the true reality, so when working on our-selves we are really working on others too!

There are always slight variations to how each symbol is drawn out, depending on your teacher, but go with what feels right for you. Enjoy, Love and Light, Natalie Xx

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