The Reiki Precepts Are Key To The System Of Reiki

How the Reiki Precepts Heal Us!

For Today Only Do Not Anger Do Not Worry Be Humble/Grateful Be True to Your Way and Your Being Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

Repeating the Reiki Precepts 3 times twice a day is a great way to start building a strong foundation within the system of Reiki. But to get the most out of the Precepts, to aid your healing, you need to sit and meditate upon them. This will give you a direct insight into why we get angry, or worried, or feel ungrateful for what we don't have, and why we find we are not being compassionate to ourselves or others.

Mediating on the Precepts was one of the key elements in the system of Usui’s Reiki.

As we meditate on them, considering them, we can see why we get angry or worried. And by seeing this we can then take action to lessen our anger or our worry. If we get a direct insight into this anger and worry then we can start to loosen the grip on it, acknowledge it and letting it go.

As we understand ourselves better over anger and worry, we can become more grateful. And now we are beginning to heal ourselves without even realising it. And with gratitude comes compassion, for both ourselves and others. Everything has a beautiful knock-on healing effect.

So, the Precepts are quite clearly a way to healing ourselves, which indirectly has a healing effect on those around us. As we heal, we become more tolerant, more patient, a better listener, kinder, softer, more compassionate …

As we move through the 5 elements of the system of Reiki, we can see that all the elements are about healing ourselves:

Meditating on or reciting the symbols; hands on or above the body healing; practicing Hatsurei and other meditations; mindfulness; receiving/giving - being in the space of Reiju - Empowerments - Spiritual Blessings.

We are healing all of ourselves, our mind, our body and perhaps most importantly our heart. We are moving towards finding our ‘inner peace’, gradually being filled with both compassion, love, insight ... wisdom!

The following was inspired by reading ‘Reiki Insights’ by Frans Stiene - The International House of Reiki.

I hope you enjoyed the post, and take the time to think about it, and to meditate on the Precepts, until you understand a little better, both yourself and those round you.

Wishing you all a wonderful healing journey … Love and Light, Natalie Xx

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