The Many Benefits of Practicing Reiki

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

You may be asking yourself, why would I need to learn Reiki? I am not intending on becoming a Reiki Practitioner or a Reiki Teacher!

Well, you may be surprised to learn, that Reiki was never intended for the purpose of hands-on healing of others. It was originally intended to be for a persons self-healing and spiritual development. This is Original/Traditional Japanese Reiki - Usui Reiki Ryoho.

Why practice Reiki?

It has the potential to heal us on every level; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. But it is not a quick fix for everything, it takes time to work with the energy, a short daily practice, when possible, 10 to 20 minutes a day is all that is required at Level 1.

Do I have to take all 3 Levels/Degrees?

No, absolutely not. Many people just complete Level 1 and continue practicing for many years, working with the energy, Reiking themselves, and perhaps in time friends and family.

How does Reiki work?

Everything is energy, the Universe is full of it, it is everywhere and everything is made up of it. We are energetic beings. The energy that we are made up off, may be now stagnant, as we have negative thoughts, worries from the past and the future, stresses, anxieties, angers, eat unhealthy foods, putting toxins in our bodies, and living in an environment of toxins, pollution etc. So, we need to bring in more of the energy of the Universe, releasing ourselves of the stagnant energy and replacing it with the Universal healing energy - Reiki is a very special healing energy, a pure light, that flows just by us thinking about it and intending it flows through us - INTENT is everything!

How do we work with the energy?

It is actually much simpler than you would imagine. You start by practicing a few simple, but powerful, cleansing and breathing techniques, a simple meditation, and learn how to bring in Universal energy/Light/Ki/Reiki into your physical body, replenishing the stagnant energy that is causing you, or leading you to dis-ease.

What does it feel like working with Reiki?

As we begin the journey of Reiki, we start to shine, it’s like the dust sheets coming off, and the light is getting through. We may, or may not notice, that we are already becoming calmer when we deal with challenging situations, we are less stressed, less bothered about little things, feeling brighter, healthier, more positive and happier about life. And what typically happens is, even if you don’t straight away notice that change is happening, others will!

And whilst we may not always immediately notice a difference, although we may, in any physical conditions or ailments, we are now better placed to cope with them. There is nothing that Reiki cannot help us with. If we are too poorly physically, then Reiki will help us to deal with this mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually.

What are the differences between a Western Reiki Course and an Original/Traditional Reiki Course?

Whilst we live in the West you may think that we would be practicing Western Reiki but this is not the case. As far as I am aware, all Reiki that is practiced today, came from Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist monk for part of his life, amongst many things. What he wanted was to develop a simple, yet powerful system of self-healing and spiritual development for a person’s personal development.

Usui’s teachings started with a simple practice called Hatsurei, which incorporated the simple techniques I previously mentioned above. Usui worked with ki/energy and students would learn how to work ‘within’, an internal practice. When the war began some Imperial Officers, one of which was Churjyo Hayashi who knew of Usui, asked him to teach them how to tap into the energy quickly, so they may use it for first aid during the war. The system needed to be altered in order that it be taught and learnt very quickly. The system changed at this point for those training under Churjyo Hayashi, and it changed again later when Hawayo Takata taught it in America. In fact, it changed so much that out went the ki/energy and in came the Chakra system from India, and now the system became a hands-on healing system for others. Some Practitioners lost their way with healing themselves first, they just learnt how to do it, and used the system to hands-on heal others.

So now we have 2 very different systems of Reiki. In fact, Reiki has grown so much around the world that there are around 70 different styles of Reiki!

Why I teach Original Japanese Reiki

I have been very blessed to have incredible teachers, one of which we have our Original Japanese Lineage from (family tree – see it on our website). This lineage shows the direct route from Mikao Usui, through to my teacher, myself. It is through the lineage that you can see we are following the original practices of the system. I am trained in both Western and Japanese, and Holy Fire, but my passion is in teaching the original system, as it makes so much difference to a persons life, and that person, has a beautiful knock-on effect with everyone they come into contact with.

As we practice, as we heal, we gain clarity, on what is right, what is wrong, non-judgement of others, compassion for our fellow beings, and all. We worry less, anger less, more gratitude and honesty in our lives. A simple system, that we can gain so much from, if we are prepared to put in a little work.

Once we are on a path to healing, we can then, if we choose do some hands-on healing of others. This is not the only way we can support others, just by us being healed, our energy, our aura will spread out to those around us, thus healing them too. It really is that incredible. Since 2013 I have been working with the energy on a daily basis, and it still blows me away! What I have in common with all my students is how much Reiki has changed our lives, the clarity it gives us … the healing, the beauty. It’s like we have woken up ... and arrived home!

For further information on Reiki, either ask or see our website. You can view our calendar with support groups and courses available or book on-line. Love and Blessings, Natalie Xxx

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