Support Groups Policy March 2020

Here, at ‘Relax and Heal with Reiki’ we support students from 1st Degree to 3rd Degree. We do this by providing a variety of regular support groups.

Our Healing Space support groups are for students from any level and lineage of Reiki, for those that train with us and those that have trained under another lineage, and find themselves without a support group network.

Our 2nd Degree Practice groups, are for students that have completed their 2nd degree course and may or may not be working towards their requirements for certification. Once the requirements are completed, a student is now a Reiki Practitioner, and may if they choose start up a business, and charge for their time.

Our 3rd Degree Practice groups, are for students at 3rd degree, in order to support them at either Reiki Master Practitioner level or Reiki Master Teacher level. There are many extension practices, that take the student deeper into the esoteric practices of the system of Reiki.

Our Inner Peace Course of Workshops are for those training with us that wish to go deeper into understanding of their ‘true self’, working towards being true to who you really are. The practices established during this course will aid you in living a life filled with joy, peace, happiness and love and allow you to establish your own spiritual connection.

Due to running a variety of support groups, this means that from time to time, our numbers for some of the groups may be very low. When numbers reach just 1 or 2, instead of cancelling the group, I will give students the opportunity to either continue with the group, the cost for 2 being £10 each (for 2 ½ hour session), and the cost for 1 being £20. For one person attending they may then receive instead, a one-to-one healing session, or chose what it is that they want to practice over the session.

Equally students may prefer to not attend on these occasions, and if they have paid in advance this will be transferred to the next available group for the student to attend.

Support Groups will go ahead as planned when 3 or more students have booked in and paid.

Natalie Mitchell - Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher – 13th January 2020

Relax and Heal with Reiki, Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 0SL

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