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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Here, at ‘Relax and Heal with Reiki’ we support students from 1st Degree to 3rd Degree. We do this by providing a variety of regular support groups. And we supports students from any lineage, anywhere (via Zoom).

Support All Levels

We typically start with the practice of Hatsurei, incorporating Dry Bathing (kenyoku ho); sensing the 'Hara'; moving onto Joshin Kokyu ho (the cleansing breath), experiencing sitting in the space, Gassho (2 hands together) bringing mind and body together; Reciting the Reiki Precepts ... Just for Today; self healing ... we have then created a space for healing, so we move onto the Reiju blessings.

In Japan the Empowerments/Spiritual Blessings are called Reiju. This Reiju is performed by a Reiki teacher on a student and is one of 'The Five Original Elements of the System of Reiki'. Whilst the student sits upright in a chair, the teacher completes a physical and energetic ritual around the student. This can be performed both in-person and distantly, just like 'distance/remote' healing.

The teacher works with Reiju in order to communicate with individual students on an energetic level. This is completed with the intent that the student will remember his or her own connection to the Universe/The Divine. As the student draws this Ki, the benefits to the energetic clearing process will also occur. The student will begin to recognise her own 'true nature'.

After the Empowerments, we decide what energetic practices we will hold the space for, this is dependent on the students that turn up for the session. On some occasions the students will have the opportunity to complete requirements for either 2nd or 3rd degree. We often do some distance healing (all distance if via Zoom - which works incredibly well). We sometimes work in pairs or as a group. At present we are open to 2 students inhouse so that they may each have a reiki bed and seat, divided safely behind screens, where they may safely remove their masks.

Our Support All Levels group is offered on a Wednesday evening, on a fortnightly basis. From September 2021, we will be looking to extend this by one morning a month on a trial basis.

2 Hour Session - Zoom £5 / 2 Hour Session - Inhouse £8

Shinpiden Training Group (3rd degree)

This group supports those that have trained at 3rd degree Shinpiden Reiki. Even after the course has ended we will always be in training, as this is still just the beginning! A variety of practices and meditations will be practiced enabling the students over time to build on past techniques and practice new ones. Students will also have the opportunity on a regular basis to practice Reiju Spiritual Blessings, better known as Empowerments. At 3rd degree Shinpiden, you are opening the door to all possibilities! After the course we have an extension manual, which takes students deeper into what the 4th symbol really means. We can also work with the symbols of 'Karuna Reiki' and 'Holy Fire Reiki' (Holy Fire is a separate course).

Our Shinpiden Support group is offered fortnightly on both a Thursday morning 10am to 12pm and Thursday evening 7pm to 9pm.

2 Hour Session - Zoom £5 / 2 Hour Session - Inhouse £8

Inner Being Meditation Hour

Our Meditation hour will give you the opportunity to sit in a space of awareness and stillness, where everything is allowed, all thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions, tastes, smells … when you allow everything to be, you may notice there is an awareness, something conscious that is arising in this moment.

If we approach meditation with an agenda, trying to ‘achieve’ something, then we will never be in a meditative state, as we will be mediating with the mind, and we cannot meditate with the mind. So you may think you are achieving something, but you will only be achieving this with the mind. If you go through your day, and you are totally okay with everything that takes place, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’, then you have gone through your day in a meditative state of being. This state of being is what Meditation is really all about.

Requirements for attending our ‘online Zoom’ meditation space: 2nd degree Reiki and above, or an experienced Meditator.

Our Meditation Hour is offered fortnightly when possible, on a Wednesday evening at either 7.15pm to 8.15pm or 8.30pm to 9.30pm

1 Hour Session - Zoom £3 / Not available inhouse except for exceptional circumstances £5

Empowerment Hour

Our founder Usui, was known for giving regular Reiju blessings to all his students, each time they met. He would do it differently to how we do it today, as he would be on a higher level of consciousness than most Reiki teachers today. So Usui would be able to simply sit and hold an energetic healing space, a spiritual blessing, in which his students would be able to sit, and heal, and go inward, discovering their own true nature, their authentic selves, and recognize their connection of Oneness with everything and everyone. We all came from the Source and we will all return back to the Source.

We are honoured and privileged to have been trained in a similar technique to our founder Usui, where we do what's called an physical Reiju blessing, where we also hold space for our students to take from it what they need. These are powerful healing opportunities in many ways, and have been found to be very powerful when done distantly, as it is believed that the teacher is more likely to be able to get her own head, energy out of the way during this process, when completed distantly.

Our 1 hour sessions give our students, or any other Reiki Practitioners who wish to join us, the opportunity to sit int he space of Hatsurei and Empowerment in a group setting, which can be a very powerful healing experience. This space is currently available online only and via the Zoom platform.

Our Empowerment Hour is offered fortnightly on a Wednesday evening at either 7.15pm to 8.15pm or 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

1 Hour Session - Zoom £3 / Not available inhouse except for exceptional circumstances £5

Natalie Mitchell - Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher – 13th January 2020

Relax and Heal with Reiki, Middlewich, Cheshire CW10 0SL

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