New Friends join us each Autumn

Updated: Jun 18

Each Autumn we expand our numbers, by inviting new friends to join us through our level 1 courses. New friends that like us, want to find out what practicing Reiki can do for them. This is an exciting step, as are all our steps each day we practice Reiki, it’s never dull!

We also typically tend to lose a few of our friends along the way, perhaps forgetting just what a difference a daily practice can make to their lives, and the lives of those they love, as they get busy with the chores and work/family commitments of daily life. This is understandable of course. But take a moment to think about what can be gained by just a few minutes practice each day, the support you can be, not only for yourself but those around you.

I speak from experience …

If we don’t practice until we are ill, then it is so much harder to get into a routine, to make a new habit of working with the energy, remembering, prevention is better than cure.

We need to Reiki a little every day, even if only for 5 minutes, and dry bathe, cleansing breathe, consider the precepts … to maintain a balanced body, mind and spirit. You can do this in bed, first thing or last thing. The important thing is to connect with Reiki daily, then it will be there for you when you need it!

It comes from the heart, when I say I want to support you all in a better healthier happier future, the future we should all be striving for.

So, find 5 minutes to sit, look inward, self-care, ask yourself how you are feeling, any pain – then intend Reiki goes to the area (where thought goes, energy flows) and sit … and breathe … Let go of what is no longer serving you … Just for today, do not worry, do not anger.

As is with all things in life, the more we put into it, the more we will get out of it.

If you are struggling with a daily practice, please get in touch or join us for one of our support groups, see our blog on support groups, we welcome all levels and lineages to join us. Places are ideally a maximum of 10, car sharing is essential when possible.

With all this in mind, our page ‘Reiki Away’ is now solely for those practicing Reiki here at ‘Relax and Heal with Reiki’. A safe space for us all to share experiences, ask questions, arrange remote/distance healings with each other, and to see what is coming next, to support us on this incredible journey with Reiki. Enjoy my friends, and ‘Reiki Away’.

Sent with Blessings to you all, Love and Light, Natalie Xxx

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