DAI KOMYO - The 4th Symbol in the System of Reiki

Explaining a little about Dai KoMyo - the 4th Symbol in the system of Reiki and why it is so important to firstly experience the first 2 energies; Earth Ki and Heavenly Ki, before you can experience the energy of Dai KoMyo.

Reference: Shinpiden Manual from my teachings with Simon Bailey.

This ‘symbol’ is made up of 3 separate kanji, permitting it to be read as a sentence in either Japanese or Chinese. The kanji of Symbol 4 is the written form of the jumon – Dai KoMyo.

This manifests as the pure light of one’s radiant self, a natural energetic force. Reaching this purity in one’s life ties in with using light as a healing force and working towards enlightenment.

The two bottom kanji of Dai KoMyo stand for the Sun and Moon. In Japanese esoteric traditions the Sun and Moon relate to the absolute and relative truth and to wisdom and method. In these practices ‘wisdom’ stands for the void or the consciousness which has a direct experience of reality beyond dualism. ‘Method’ is the teachings or methods which help you to attain wisdom. The other aspect of ‘method’ is, interestingly, compassion.

These esoteric traditions believe that it is the union of wisdom and method which brings forth the Great Bright Light.

Therefore, to be a ‘great’ human being who shines with this light, you need to have united these two opposite forces of the Sun and Moon.

These dual forces within the system of Reiki are the first two mantras/symbols utilized in Okuden. Without first experiencing this unification of the Earth and Heaven energies, it is impossible to become One with the Great Bright Light. The unification of the two opposite/dual forces leads us to realize our inner wisdom of non-duality.

Then, within this non-duality, pure compassion begins to grow which supports you in helping others to realize the same. This can also be viewed from another perspective. The more compassionate you are, the more you begin to realize this inner wisdom. Here you can see a correlation between Dai KoMyo and the precept ‘Show compassion to yourself and others’.

Just further evidence that these stages cannot be rushed, we cannot experience the 4th symbol and become this great bright light, just because we want to, it is with a dedicated practice over many years, that you may attain this!

Love and Light to You All Xxx

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