'An Introduction to Reiki' Session

Attending one of our online 3 hour 'Introduction to Reiki' sessions, gives students a better understanding of what Reiki is all about, where it came from, it's history and origins etc, and if it is something they would like to pursue further.  The introduction session then supports students in deciding which course may suit them at this time.  It also means that a lot of the theory at Level 1 Reiki is then covered, leaving the course days free for working energetically (Reiki is an energetic practice).

Our 'Introduction to Reiki' sessions, will be returning in October.  All Introduction sessions are now completed via Zoom.  If after you have attended the session and decide to go ahead and book a level 1 Course there is a £10 discount on any of our Reiki 1 Courses.  There is absolutely no pressure to book, as it has to be the right time for the student.  But if you would like to book but can't see a date that suits you, then simply enquire, many of our courses and support groups are put on when it is the right time for the student. 


Venue:     Online or Inhouse

Session:   An Introduction to Reiki

Cost:        £30 per person (2 or more)

                 £45 for a one-to-one

 (*£10 discount on the course)

Day:          Sat 7 Nov

Time:        9am to 12pm

No:            Max 4 persons inhouse and 4 online

Required:  Zoom & an open mind! 

Payment:  £25 required at time of booking via Paypal (book online)

Includes:   emailed handout of our introduction session

The following is included:

What Reiki is and how it became Reiki

The 2 Histories of Reiki

The Origins of Reiki

What Reiki can Heal

The simple practices of Reiki

The 5 Life Precepts


The difference between Western Reiki, Japanese Reiki and Karuna Reiki

How the Empowerments work

Giving a Reiki 'treatment'

21 Day Cleansing

Some Common Questions

Using Reiki on Animals

Our Lineage

A short opportunity to experience Healing Distantly 

Our Introduction to Reiki sessions have been successfully run each Autumn.  After the session, if students wish they may book onto a level 1 course, dates and times can be arranged.  £10 is deducted from a level 1 course for any students that previously attended this session.