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Level 2

2 Day Western (Modern) Reiki Course

Usui Shiki Ryoho

The Usui System of Natural Healing 

Our Level 2 Western Reiki Course is for anyone that has previously undertaken Level 1 Western Reiki and feels that they are now energetically ready to move on.  At Level 2 you will learn 3 of the 4 symbols of the system of Reiki. These symbols enable you to be a stronger channel for the Reiki energy, enabling you to do mental and emotional healing, as well as 'distance' healing.

This level is for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of Reiki.  After the course you will be need to complete 'Requirements for Certification' in order to receive a Reiki Practitioner Certificate and then, you may set up your own business, if you so choose, and work on the general public, and now charge for your services.

Before advancing to this level, it is recommended that you wait approximately 3 months from having taken your Level 1, to ensure that attunements and lessons of the first level have been fully absorbed. 

The course focuses on using Reiki as an external practice for healing yourself and primarily others. You will  further develop the techniques learnt at Level 1, using simple hand positions that can be used for balancing, healing and harmonising the mind, body and spirit.


Middlewich, Cheshire

The Reiki room/teaching room at our property in Middlewich


Level 2 Western (Modern) Reiki


£180  (min 2)

£250  One-to-one


By arrangement


Reiki Manual

Other media to support your practice

Max No: 

2 persons inhouse and 4 online


Your own light lunch and comfortable clothing


Paypal for deposit or BACS (if paying by BACS please get in touch first)


The aim of the course at Level 2 is for students to be able to channel greater amounts of healing energy; to channel distantly/remotely and to set up their own business if preferred.

Course Content  (there may be some variation in content)

A reminder of the Reiki Precepts and Mindfulness

Hatsurei - Refresher and Practice

Practicing the sacred symbols and how to use the symbols

Western Attunements

Working the the energies of the first 3 symbols in the system of Reiki

Mental and emotional treatment

Byosen Scanning

Distant healing treatment

​'Requirements for Certification' before a Reiki 2 Certificate may  be handed out - Relevant forms will be provided


15 Self hands-on healing sessions

15 Distant healing sessions

4 Case studies of hands-on sessions

4 Case studies of distance sessions

2 Case studies of distance self-healing to one's past or future

On Completion: Western Reiki Manual; A Level 2 Certificate on completion of requirements; Other media to support your practice; on-going support with setting up your own business when requested.