Refresher Courses

Usui Reiki Ryoho

If you have previously taken a Usui Reiki Ryoho (Original Japanese Reiki Course) and have perhaps lost your way a little, or would simply like some further support with your practice, then a refresher course may be what you are searching for.  

If you have practiced other styles of Reiki, then you would need to join in with one of our Level 1, 2 or 3 courses depending on your current training.


Level 1/1st Degree Shoden

Refresher Courses/Workshops 

*£60 for R&HwR Students

(*This price when joined by students on a level 1 course - otherwise a one-to-one price)

Full price for those who have trained in other Reiki lineages.

For future dates and times, get in touch as courses/workshops will be planned when enquires are made  


A quick refresher on the history (new information) if required!

The Precepts

(Key to the system of Reiki)

Practice Hatsurei

(strengthens the flow of energy within: dry bathing, cleansing breath, meditations)


(refining your energy, clearing your chakras, balancing, grounding, enables you to channel greater amounts of energy - discovery of 'true self', connection with all that is)

Self-Healing and Healing Others

(Byosen Scanning and Reiji-ho - intuitive Reiki)

Mindfulness (Mindful Living)

Mindful communication; eating; walking; breathing

Opportunity to ask questions and share experiences



Level 2/2nd Degree Okuden

Refresher Courses/Workshops

*£70 for R&HwR Students

(*this price when joined by students on a level 2 course - otherwise a one-to-one price)

Full Price for those who have trained in other Reiki lineages

Level 2 or 2nd Degree Refresher courses/workshops take place, when possible, within our regular courses.  This means the student will generally get a much better understanding of Reiki at this level, due to practicing with other students.  Our combined energies give for an interesting and fascinating insight into Reiki, giving the student a better understanding of energy.   It also means that it is much more likely that students will have other students to practice with, making it a more enjoyable experience with the energy.


Level 3/3rd Degree Shinpiden

'Master' Refresher Courses

If you previous trained at Level 3 or 3rd Degree Master training, and would like to refresh, then please enquire or see our courses tab on Master Courses.


Western (modern) Refresher Courses

Levels 1, 2 or 3

As 99% of those training at Relax and Heal with Reiki, have trained in Original Japanese Reiki, we do not schedule Western Reiki Courses, but if you are drawn to Western Reiki, this would likely be run on a one-to-one - see prices for our Western Reiki Courses.


Holy Fire III and Karuna Reiki Courses

Coming Soon!!