Reiki Support Groups

Support For All Levels
2nd Degree Okuden Practice
3rd Degree Shinpiden Training
Inner Peace Meditations

Updated August 2020 - Changes made due to Covid-19

Our support groups enable students to strengthen their Reiki practice (which increases their healing, and ability to hold a healing space), learn new techniques and practice known ones, make new friends with like-minded people, have the opportunity to give, receive and practice Reiki in a safe, warm, friendly, loving environment, both inhouse (taking every known precaution to be Covid safe) and online.  It also gives students the opportunity to arrange healing exchanges with each other either for practice, to complete requirements for certification at Level 2 or 3, or to simply to share a healing exchange.

Sensitivity, Diagnosis and Confidentiality

During any of our Reiki support groups, a healing release always has the potential to take place, which is always a good thing!  This healing can bring up a lot of hidden emotions, so it's important to always be sensitive to each other.  Remember to keep everything that happens within the group as confidential as you would expect with a doctor/client relationship. 


None of us are trained Doctors, therefore never try to diagnose each other. 

Creating the Atmosphere

During our sessions, it is important to have a relaxed, quiet, calm atmosphere before, during and after sessions, as we are creating a space for healing to take place, one that continues way after the group has finished.  If possible, during our sessions, do not discuss the day’s events that have been on the news or any discussions that have any negative connotations.  By doing this, we are keeping the energy as pure as possible, which will aid everyone in the group to a deeper level of healing. 

Our support groups incorporates a variety of techniques and practices we use to work with the energy, to heal ourselves and open the healing space for others.  


Below gives a bit more information on each type of group most likely to be held.

Support For All Levels


We will start with the practice of Hatsurei, incorporating Dry Bathing (kenyoku ho); sensing the 'Hara'; moving onto Joshin Kokyu ho (the cleansing breath), experiencing sitting in the space, Gassho (2 hands together) bringing mind and body together; Reciting the Reiki Precepts ... Just for Today; Self healing ...  we have then created a space for healing, so we move onto the Reiju blessings.


In Japan the Empowerments/Spiritual Blessings are called Reiju.  This Reiju is performed by a Reiki teacher on a student and is one of 'The Five Original Elements of the System of Reiki'. Whilst the student sits upright in a chair, the teacher completes a physical and energetic ritual around the student.   This can be performed both in-person and distantly, just like 'distance/remote' healing.  


The teacher works with Reiju in order to communicate with individual students on an energetic level.  This is completed with the intent that the student will remember his or her own connection to the Universe.  As the student draws this Ki, the benefits to the energetic clearing process will also occur.  The student will begin to recognise her own 'true nature'.

After the Empowerments, if there is time we may enjoy a short meditation.

Okuden Practice Group (2nd degree)

This class gives students the opportunity to practice working with the first 3 symbols of the system of Reiki, from drawing them out, either by hand or visualization, chanting, to sitting in the energy of each symbol.  Distance healing techniques are often practiced and students have the opportunity to arrange to swap healing sessions with each other.  These sessions can then be used to complete some of the student's requirements for their Okuden Certificate if they have not already completed them.


On occasions we also 'chant' using the symbols 'mantra', which is the name associated with each of the symbols. Chanting is in fact a very powerful way to connect with the energy, we can feel it's vibration.  It is a wonderful experience to see the faces of students when they first feel the difference in the energy when using this technique.  Whilst most students initially shy away from chanting, once experienced, they usually cant wait to come back and try it again!  But of course, if 'chanting' is not for you, that is NO problem, there are lots of ways to work with the energy, and they all work just fine!


Shinpiden Training Group (3rd degree)

This group supports those that have trained at 3rd degree Shinpiden Reiki. Even after the course has ended we will always be in training, as this is still just the beginning!  A variety of practices and meditations will be practiced enabling the students over time to build on past techniques and practice new ones.  Students will also have the opportunity on a regular basis to practice Reiju Spiritual Blessings and Western Attunements.  At 3rd degree Shinpiden, you are opening the door to all possibilities!  After the course we have an extension manual, which takes students deeper into what the 4th symbol really means.  We can also work with the symbols of 'Karuna Reiki' and 'Holy Fire Reiki' (Holy Fire is a separate course).

Inner Peace Meditation Workshops (all levels)

This group will further support the meditations learned, allowing time to experience them once again. To really benefit from the meditations, you would need to practice them in your own time between groups, and attend the majority of the sessions, ideally all 6.

The Session will consist of:

1. Hatsurei practice
2. Empowerment
3. Meditation

Previously we held a variety of other styles of support groups; from 1st degree Shoden, Share groups, Empowerment and share, Heart space healing, but due to Covid-19 we have had to scale the groups down, so that we may support better students online as well as inhouse, when they return in September!