'An Introduction to Reiki' Session

I have been teaching Reiki for over 6 years now, and I support over 40 students at various levels of Reiki.  One of the many things that all these ladies, and a gentlemen have in common, is that they all started with 'An Introduction to Reiki' session with myself.  This gave them the information they needed to be able to make the right choice, for them, between Western Reiki, Original Japanese Reiki or if in fact Reiki was for them at this moment in time.  I am happy to say 95% of those who attended the introduction session, went onto attending a 1st degree Reiki Course.  A large proportion are now training at 2nd degree, and a handful are now training at 3rd degree, after having trained with myself for several years. 

The Introduction sessions covers the theory side of Reiki: What Reiki is and How it works; What Reiki can do for you; The history of Reiki; Western V Japanese; The Chakras V The 3 Diamonds; Living by The 5 Precepts; A brief on what to expect at level 1; and a 5 or 10 minute quick Reiki experience depending on numbers.  Once the theory has been covered it leaves the 2 course days/or 3 evenings, to learn and practice the various energetic techniques, meditations at 1st degree/level 1 and to receive empowerments, which supports you in reconnecting to who you really are, enabling you to channel more reiki/energy, and balancing your Chakra system, enabling you to generate more ki flow.

Venue:              The Reiki Room (at my home in Middlewich, Cheshire)

Course:            'An Introduction to Reiki' Session

Day, Time:        We have no further 'Introduction to Reiki' sessions planned until Autumn 2020 - You may still join us for a Level 1                                  Course, we will cover what we can prior to working energetically.  Your manual should fill in any gaps!

Cost:                 £25 - Special Offer Price £20 if you like out Facebook page 'Relax and Heal with Reiki in Middlewich'


Attendees:        Maximum of 6 Attendees per session

Requirements:  There are no requirements for attending, other than to be 'open' to discovering new things.

                           No need for note taking as a hand-out will be provided.


                           Follow on Level 1 courses usually begin the following week for those students wishing to start their Reiki journey.