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3rd Degree Shinpiden

(Mystery Teachings)

Original Japanese Reiki

Usui Reiki Ryoho

The Usui System of Natural Healing


Shinpiden is aimed at those who wish to delve further into the traditional spiritual teachings of the system of Reiki to deepen their own personal and spiritual development, and self healing (we have many layers!).


Requirements for attending are completion of 1st Degree Shoden &  2nd Degree Okuden. There needs to be at least 12 months between taking your 2nd degree course and your 3rd degree course.  You need to be practicing Reiki (especially self-healing) and Reiki Meditations on a regular basis; living the Precepts; mindfulness must play a part in your life; working with the energies of CKR (Earth Ki) and SHK (Heavenly Ki) on a regular basis, and at least occasionally be sending distance healing. And lastly, but quite importantly, you will need to have been attending at least some of the Reiki support groups/classes offered (unless you live too far to attend), as this would show your commitment to the practice.


The course is run over 3 days, to suit both student and teacher. I discourage students from using the title 'Master', as this is something that really takes a lifetime to accomplish.  So students at all levels are Reiki Practitioners and when they teach, they are Reiki teachers.  If you feel the need for the title 'Reiki Master' then you need to look deep inside yourself as to why you have this need, this could be the ego taking hold.

The course can also be completed as a distance learning course, but I would prefer that anyone completing it in this manner, attend at least 2 of the Reiki Master classes (unless the distance was further than an hours drive away).

A Bespoke Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Course is available for those that either already hold a Level 3 certificate.  The course concentrates on the Original/Traditional Japanese Practices: Hatsurei; The 5 Elements; Experiencing bringing in the energy of the symbols in a variety of ways; Developing the Hara; Chanting the sounds of the Shinto mantras, The Precepts in Japanese; Mindfulness; Becoming DKM; and Japanese Reiju/Empowerments/Spiritual Blessings - both receiving and learning how to give them, how to hold space and be DKM.


Middlewich, Cheshire

Reiki room/teaching room at our property in Middlewich


3rd Degree Shinpiden

Original Japanese Reiki Course in the lineage of Usui Reiki Ryoho




For a 3 Day one-2-one course please enquire


9.30am to 4.30-5pm


A 3rd Degree Shinpiden Reiki Manual

A 2nd Manual at the Teaching part of the course - this covers Shinpiden from a more esoteric understanding, and takes the teachings deeper

A professional 3rd Degree Certificate

Max No: 

4 persons inhouse and 4 online


Completion of Level 2 or 2nd Degree Okuden

Please bring your own light lunch, and wear comfortable clothing


Deposit via Paypal, Cash or BACS

See 'Book Now' (enquire on availability before booking)

The aim of the course is to continue to build on the solid foundations formed from the Shoden and Okuden practices. Giving a deeper sense of clarity and confidence as we delve into the interconnectedness of all 3 levels. 

Overview of our typical Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Courses: 

Part 1 – Reiki Master Practitioner

The Course is currently being updated, but will go something like this:

Stage 1

Takes you back to basics, familiarising yourself with the Shoden and Okuden Manuals and Cd's and making sure that Hatsurei and the Usui self-healing meditation are now part of your daily practice.  We then move onto 

working with the energy of CKR and SHK.

Stage 2

Covers the Master Symbols and other Powerful Symbols.  Firstly, you will receive a Master Empowerment (And we know these work well at a distance) and then you will learn how to feel the energies of the different symbols and practice using them.  Finally, you will learn how in time, you can move beyond the symbols and access their energies direct.

Stage 3

Is about Shinto mantras that pre-date the use of Reiki Symbols. You will be practice chanting and meditating on the four kotodama energies.  You will then compare their energies with the four corresponding Reiki symbols.  Finally, you will use them in practice when treating and carrying out distant healing. 

Stage 4 

Is about learning to ‘Develop the Hara’, an important part of the original system that Usui taught.  We will use a specific meditation, or energy exercise, to achieve this, and the exercise will continue throughout the rest of the course and beyond. 

Stage 5

This final stage of the Master Practitioner Course is about pushing the barriers, moving beyond self-imposed limitations.  You will carry out a number of exercises to see what is possible.  You will also consider, a number of non-Reiki techniques that have been added to Reiki over the years.   Along the way, you will learn several ways to empower yourself, something which is simple and can be completed on a daily basis.  

Stage 6

Is about Western Attunements.  Firstly, you will learn how to carry out a second degree Attunement, and you will practice carrying it out.  Then you will learn how to carry out a Western Master Attunement.  Finally, you will learn how to carry out the First Degree Attunements.    

Stage 7

This final stage is about Japanese Empowerments, which are called Reiju.  Firstly, you will learn how to give a Reiju (Spiritual Blessing), and you will practice carrying it out.  Then you will learn how to give a Reiju at different levels, and practice doing this.  Finally, you will learn how to carry out self-empowerments, and practice these for yourself.  

On completion of the 3 day course, you will receive your Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Certificate.  Congratulations!