2nd Degree Okuden (hidden or inner teachings) Original Japanese Reiki

Usui Reiki Ryoho - Usui System of Natural Healing

This course is suitable for anyone who has completed Level 1 Reiki (same as or similar to Usui Reiki Ryoho) or 1st Degree Shoden in Original/Traditional Japanese Reiki.  It will further your understanding and experience of energy work and the practice of Reiki.  Before taking this level you should wait a minimum of 3 months between having taken 1st degree, to ensure that a solid energetic foundation has been formed from the practices taught during your 1st degree Shoden course.

At 2nd Degree you will be introduced to 3 symbols, their accompanying mantras and the energies of Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki and you will start to work towards a state of Oneness in working with the 3rd Symbol which brings with it Heart Ki.  At this stage you will be better able to 'distance' heal, with the aid of the 3rd symbol.  The course will also enable you to gain a greater understanding of how things really are, why we can distance/remote heal - because there is no distance, we are all connected, we are all one!


Venue:           Middlewich, Cheshire (Reiki room/teaching room at my property in Middlewich)

Course:         2 Day Course, or 3 Mornings, or 3 Evening Course

Day/Times:   See under the 'Events' tab for planned 2nd Degree Courses


                       9.30am to 4.00pm (varied & flexible for school run), OR 9.30am-12.30pm, OR  6.30pm-9.30pm for the evening course.


Cost:             £140  Course    -    2 days or 3 mornings, or 3 evenings - Deposit:  £30  (minimum 2)

                      £190 for a One-to-one - 2 days or 3 mornings or 3 evenings courses can be arranged 


Aim:               To further develop yourself spiritually and go deeper into the practice.  You will learn the first 3 symbols,                                             their mantras and kotadama and will be aiming to work regularly with Earth Ki, Heavenly Ki and Heart Ki, enabling                             the student to gain a greater understanding of what we are capable of and why we are able to distance heal.

Includes:        A Professional 2nd Degree Okuden Manual/cd and other media to support your practice - Before receiving your                               certificate certain requirements need to be fulfilled (please see below).

Attending:     Max no. of Attendees: 6

Method of Payment: Book and pay a deposit via Paypal - see 'BOOK NOW' or if you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay via BACS.  

Requirements:  Holds a 1st Degree Certificate in Original Japanese Reiki or a similar certificate (if you hold a level 1 certificate and are unsure if this course is suitable for you, simply get in touch and I can advise you).

Please bring a light lunch if attending the course over 2 full days, and wear comfortable clothing 


Course Days will go something like this 

Morning/Evening or Full Day 1


Understanding the Symbols - they are just training wheels

Practice drawing on paper the 1st two Symbols and writing their mantras/names

Hatsurei Ho & # 1st Empowerment

Practice drawing the symbols out in front of you and sitting in their different energies




Hatsurei Ho & # 2nd Empowerment  

Practice chanting with the first 2 symbols and sitting in the energy of each

Bringing the symbols into the Crown Chakra and sitting in the energy

Practice drawing on paper the 3rd Symbol and writing its mantra/name

Practice on a therapy bed

Homework: Practice drawing the 3rd Symbol (Kanji)


Morning/Evening or Full Day 2

A quick recap and catch up

Practice again, drawing the 3rd Symbol and writing it's mantra

Hatsurei Ho & #  Empowerment 3

Self-healing either hands on self or the Usui self-healing meditation

Practice chanting with the 3rd symbol & send healing to a member of the group across the room, you will have the opportunity to practice 2 different styles of distance/remote healing.




Intuitive Reiki (Reiji Ho)

An explanation of the different ways to distance/remote heal

Guidance on daily practice and building intuition

Guidance on setting up a practice if required


Morning/Evening 3 (if taken over 3 sessions)


Hatsurei Ho & # Empowerment 3


Further practice on a therapy bed with Byosen and Reiji ho


Hand out requirements for completion for Certification of Reiki 2

Reiki Manual and other media to support your practice


On completion of the requirements for Reiki 2 you are now a Reiki Practitioner, and if you so choose can set up your own business. Equally if you want to do this just for yourself, that is fine too.  Lots of people go through all the levels of Reiki just for themselves. This is after all, what it was originally intended for.


Before a certificate can be given, certain requirements must be completed, a period of 3 to 6 months is usual for completion, but you will be given upto 12 months after completing the course to hand in the requirements.  Allowances will be made for unforeseen circumstance.  For the requirements, please see below.


Requirements for completion before a Reiki 2 Certificate may  be handed out - relevant forms will be provided


15 self hands-on healing sessions

15 distant healing sessions

4 case studies of hands-on sessions

4 case studies of distance sessions

2 case studies of distance self-healing to one's past or future


If you look at the above requirements and are concerned, please don't be.  Our support groups give you the opportunity to arrange to swap healing sessions with each other.

Suggested Reading: Your Reiki Treatment and Reiki Insights by Frans and Bronwen Stiene