Level 1 or 1st Degree Shoden (beginner or first teachings) Original Japanese Reiki

Usui Reiki Ryoho - Usui System of Natural Healing

This course is ideal for those who wish to begin their self-healing and spiritual development journey with Reiki.  At Level 1 or 1st degree you start to build a spiritual practice into your life, with daily energy meditations and self-healing.  The practice supports good health and happiness and can be taken as a beginner course, for those new to Reiki or seen as an advanced course for those that have previously taken a Western Reiki 1, 2 or 3 course, and feel they are now ready to develop themselves more spiritually and heal themselves on a deeper level.

Venue:               Middlewich, Cheshire - Reiki room/teaching room at our home in Middlewich

Course:             1st Degree Shoden - 2 Day Original Japanese Reiki Course or 3 Evenings -  Deposit: £20

Course Cost:    £120  Course (minimum 2)

                          One-to-one courses can be arranged - £150

Day/Time:        See the 'Events' calender                         

Includes:           A Shoden Reiki Manual; A professional 1st Degree Certificate; Media to support your practice

Maximum No : 6 per course

Required:         Please bring your own light lunch and wear comfortable clothing

Methods of Payment:  Book and pay a deposit via Paypal - see 'BOOK NOW' or if you don't have a Paypal account, you can pay via BACS.  

Course days will go something like this:



A brief reminder of what original Japanese reiki is and how it works

The 5 Elements of the System of Reiki

Demonstrate and Practice: Hatsurei

# 1st Empowerment

Demonstrate and practice in pairs healing each other in a chair

The 5 Precepts

# Hatsurei & 2nd Empowerment


Demonstrate and practice ‘Byosen’ Scanning and Reiji ho

Practice an Usui self-healing meditation and look at how to build the practice into your daily life.


Discuss the students' self-treatments from the last session

# Hatsurei & 3rd Empowerment

The Precepts and Meditate on them

Further practice of Reiji-ho - intuitive Reiki

EVENING COURSE - The evening course will be similar, just split over 3 evenings.  


If you prefer to attend a day course, but find a full day too long, than we can run the course over 3 mornings, typically from 9.30am to 12.30pm.  Just enquire!  I am always as flexible as I can be, in order to support those interested in learning how to self-heal with Reiki.

Suggested Reading: The Japanese Art of Reiki and the Shoden Manual (Reiki Evolution - I supply the manual)