Karuna Reiki I & II Course (Holy Fire III)

(Karuna Reiki is a trademark of The International Center for Reiki Training)








The aim of the course is to support students that are ready to work with a set of different powerful energies, one’s that complement the Usui Reiki Ryoho system of natural healing. These energies are considered additional, supportive, perhaps more refined, each with a specialist nature. And students may use these energies both on themselves, and or for the healing of others.


The energies supports’ the student’s spiritual journey, as It works directly with the Spirit, and has the potential of developing higher levels of consciousness within. Holy Fire is for everyone, though you may not feel it is for you, if you feel uncomfortable with the words God, Jesus, Holy Spirit. And whilst ‘Holy Fire’ is mentioned in the bible, the Holy Fire Reiki Courses are, I am assured by the developer of the system, William Lee Rand that it is not a religious system, but a spiritual one, and therefore anyone from any background, religious or non-religious can work with these energies.


Holy Fire has unlimited potential in terms of healing your issues and aiding your spiritual development. After working with, and experiencing the energies of the symbols, you would expect to feel more love, peace, joy and happiness, becoming more non-judgemental, finding inner peace and compassion, for both yourself and others, whilst developing a sense of spiritual freedom.


Holy Fire always respects your free will and harmonizes with any other system of Reiki.  Holy Fire is another way to go deeper into the system of Reiki, whilst benefitting from new energies, that have many positive healing benefits.


I completed this course in May 2019 with William Lee Rand – The International Center for Reiki Training, and this will be my first time teaching a Karuna Reiki Course, one that I am very much looking forward too!


Having experienced the energies of the symbols in very practical terms, it seems only right to share these energies with those that are ready to experience and work with them. It is believed that the refined energies were given to humanity a point in time, when we were ready to work with more refined and powerful healing energies. I see these as complementing Usui’s Reiki, and for the symbols/energies to be used when the Practitioner feels guided to do so. The symbols have no lineage to speak of, but were developed over a number of years, by William and some of his most highly sensitive energy students.  Over time they decided which energies worked best and eventually came up with the system of Karuna Reiki.  The Holy Fire energy came some 21 years later, and it is known to refine and enhance further the effectiveness of the Karuna symbols, hence the system was put together and now delivered as one.



Middlewich, Cheshire

Reiki room/teaching room at our property in Middlewich


Karuna l & ll (Holy Fire lll)

Registered trademark: William Lee Rand (The International Centre for Reiki Training)


£160  Course (minimum 2)

£249 One-to-one 


9.30am to 4.30pm

Part 1 Wed 18 Nov 

Part 2 Wed 25 Nov

Max No: 

5 persons inhouse and 2 online


Karuna I & II (Holy Fire III) Reiki Manual 

Requirements for attending:

Level 2/2nd Degree Reiki and above

Bring along: 

Your own light lunch, comfortable clothing


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Course days will go something like this:


Day 1

You will be initiated into Karuna Reiki l

You will be introduced to and work with the Holy Fire flame, and the symbols and energies of the first 4 Karuna Symbols

Day 2

You will be initiated into Karuna Reiki II

You will be introduced to and work with the 2nd set of 4 Karuna symbols and energies