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Advanced Reiki Master Training




In May 2019 I undertook a Holy Fire III Masters Course with William Lee Rand from the International Centre for Reiki Training, the course took place at Glastonbury Abbey House, a lovely venue to experience the energy, and share a healing space with a wonderful group of new friends to be.  The course and energy were different to both Western Reiki - Usui Shiki Reiki and Original Japanese Reiki - Usui Reiki Ryoho, that I had previously experienced.  The Holy Fire (III) proved itself to be an advanced Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Course.  The energies are believed to be more refined, than previous Reiki energies, and the course was complemented with the teachings of the Karuna Reiki Symbols, which can be used for a variety of healing issues.  For further information on Karuna Reiki, see the relevant tab.


Initially, I felt very little when working with the Holy Fire, and was even a tiny bit concerned that I had lost my Usui energy, but wondered how that was possible!  I guess something was going on in the background, to prepare my physical body for the newly refined energies, after all, these energies are very intelligent.  Having spoken with several students, they explained they had all experienced similar.  That evening I awoke in the night to feeling a little vortex going around from the outside in to the middle of my tummy, very interesting!  I felt hot spots in my body, like little fires being ignited!  And on subsequent use of the Holy Fire symbol, I definitely felt like my Reiki had gone up a few notches!  Fascinating experiences! 


And whilst fascinated by Holy Fire, and it certainly has it's place along with the Karuna Reiki symbols, I base my practices on Usui Reiki, as I have always been passionate about following the original teachings as closely as possible, that's not to say Usui himself would not have considered that we could see Holy Fire as the next part of the journey for Usui Reiki.  Who really knows!  So I leave it to you, to go to where you are guided!  Western Reiki, Original/Traditional Japanese or Holy Fire III, the choice is yours!  Of course there are other styles of Reiki too, and perhaps you will feel drawn to one of those and a different teacher.

The requirements for taking Holy Fire III are that you hold a Reiki Master Practitioner and or Teacher certificate in another lineage for at least 6 months.

The Holy Fire and Karuna energies, are relatively new to our planet, as far as we are aware, and came to William through 2 of his highly advanced students, through meditation.  It was explained that the planet is now ready to handle more refined healing energies, and so we can think of this as an addition or extension to Usui's Reiki Ryoho healing system.

I am told, by William, that these energies can work alongside any other Reiki system.  I have since had experience in using both the Holy Fire and Karuna symbols energies, and they certainly appear to be different.  Students have received the finer energies, and commented, without knowing that they were different, that they felt different after the healing sessions, felt happier, and to please do more of that, whatever that was!  There was an occasion when I felt drawn to using the symbols in a certain way, that was suggested in a Karuna Reiki book that I had just picked up, guided to this book, with the thought of a dear friend in mind, that was suffering from a rare blood cancer.  The book explained how to use the symbols for this purpose, and myself and his wife got straight into using the symbols, (not attuned to them, as recommended), we followed the guidelines in the book, and gave her husband several treatments before his chemotherapy was due to start, and we had incredible results.  My friends husband, went away each time feeling so much brighter and more positive, and he sailed through some dreadful times of high dose chemotherapy amongst other gruelling treatments. 

My advice is, if you feel guided to a symbol, use the energy of it to focus the energy.  You do not need to be attuned to each different symbol, you just need to work with Reiki energy on a regular basis, and then you can work with the energy of any symbol.  And you may just find a miracle has happened!

Our journey with Reiki, is never ending, we have so much to learn, and so little time, in this lifetime to discover it all, but that's okay, as each one of us is exactly where we are meant to be, with our human experience!

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