Glastonbury 2019 - Reiki Master Training in Holy Fire® III and Karuna Reiki® with William Lee Rand from
The International Center for Reiki Training

Receiving my certificate from william 20

Thank you William, I really enjoyed the Holy Fire® III and Karuna Reiki Course

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Abbey House and gardens in Glastonbury.  A wonderful setting to practice Reiki

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Chalice Wells and Peace Garden - The perfect place to 'relax and heal with Reiki'

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Enjoying the peace in the Abbey garden G
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Time to reflect, when the others had gone home.  A beautiful day walking and enjoying The Tor

Meditating on the Tor Glastonbury 2019.j
As the sun goes down glastonbury

I met  Jacqueline on a course at Abbey House in Glastonbury in May 2019 whilst we trained in Holy Fire® III and Karuna Reiki® with William Lee Rand.  When we compared our teachings, we soon realised she had a couple of gaps in her training, that were important traditional practices, part of the original teachings of 'Usui Reiki Ryoho'.
We soon arranged a date, and Jacqueline booked in with myself for a 'Bespoke Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Course'.   Seeing the light and smiles from her as she experienced energy like never before, was just beautiful. 
We spent a wonderful couple of days together, 'working' in the energy, and Jacqueline is now able to pass on the original teachings of Mikao Usui.

Jacqueline teaches Reiki both in the UK and in Japan.  You can find her at or email

Below: Jacqueline at Usui's Memorial Stone (erected in 1927). Engraved with old Japanese kanji, the memorial stone stands in the peaceful grounds of the Saihoji temple in Tokyo.

Jacqueline visited the temple on Mount Kurama, where it is said Usui spent time meditating and fasting, whilst waiting for Satori (enlightenment on the meaning of life).  It is said that it was here that Usui realised his sole purpose in life was to teach Reiki.

Jacquie at Usuis memorial stone.jpg

Usui's Memorial stone, erected in 1927 by his students, 1 year after his transition from our Earth 

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