What Reiki Is And How It Works

Reiki is a Non-invasive hands on/above the body treatment with many health benefits on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Benefits on the mental and emotional level of Reiki are usually felt fairly quickly, reports of sleeping better, feeling more relaxed, less tense, less stressed or depressed are regularly reported.  Physical ailments can take longer for Reiki to heal, depending if the illness/ailment is acute or chronic or of course this condition may unfortunately not be healed with Reiki, due to many factors.  It may be that the person suffering the illness or ailment is not ready to let go of it, for any number of reasons.  Or it may be that he/she still has something to learn from it during this lifetime.  You may think this sounds convenient, and I agree, I would have thought that too before I really understood about energy healing. But nevertheless there will be healing on one level or another if the person is open to the healing.  When you give someone a Reiki healing session, it is all about giving that person the space to heal, they are really doing the healing along with the 'energy', the practitioner is merely a vessel, a channel for the energy.


Life Force


We are all alive because life force is flowing through us.  Life force flows within the physical body through pathways called Chakras (India), Meridians (American Chinese) and Nadis (Yoga). It flows around us in a field of energy called the Aura.  Life force nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions.  The life force is responsive to thoughts and feelings, it becomes disrupted when we accept, either consciously or unconsciously negative thoughts or feelings which attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force.  Also toxins from food, drinks and our environment all cause the Chakras to be unbalanced, so diminishing the vital function of the organs and cells of the physical body.


A Reiki 'Session' heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy.  It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached.  This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away.  In so doing, Reiki clears, strengthens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.


Balanced Cleansing


The accumulation of toxins in the body does not happen at random, but it is carefully planned and executed.  The system of accumulation depends, like everything in life, upon balance.  The body accumulates toxins in about even measures on both sides.  So, if one shoulder hurts from over-exertion or repetitive wrong movements, you can be sure that the other shoulder too, will be almost equally affected, even though you don’t feel it.  So we need to treat both sides of the body part or the other side of the body.  So when you treat the liver, you must treat the spleen as well.


Energy Loss


The body needs a certain energy level to be able to detoxify periodically.  But, sometimes there just isn’t enough of the elixir available.  Reasons for this lack of energy can be many: insufficient diet or sleep, lack of – or wrong movements, the ingestion of strong medication or drugs, environmental hazards, toxic thoughts and emotions etc.  All of this creates toxicity in the body and these toxins are deposited in strategic places, which are:


The large joints  -  inner organs  -  lymph (a colourless fluid which contains white blood cells) -  head  -  problem area


These are the parts of the body that move the most, or move on their own.  The inner organs oscillate continuously to be able to function correctly.  Their tissue is similar to that of muscle tissue.  If they don’t move adequately, they begin to atrophy.  This lack of movement is due the accumulation of toxins in the blood vessels surrounding the organs.  The blockages inhibit the natural movement of the organs, and when the organs begin to atrophy, their function is impaired.


When body, mind and spirit and its surroundings work well together the body will eliminate the accumulated toxins on schedule.  The inner pathways of elimination are the gastric tract, the lymph, the liver, the kidneys, the bladder and the bodily fluids.  Some toxins are eliminated through the sweat glands, and when something along the line does not work well, the body detoxifies through the skin.


When the accumulated toxins cannot be eliminated for some reason, the toxicity increases until the balance tips from health to illness.  The first step to illness may be tension.  We have noticed that one of the first places the toxins accumulate in the body are the shoulders and in between the shoulder blades.  This at first, is felt as tension, and if not dealt with the toxins travel downwards, creating potential trouble for an inner organ below. 


If asked will Reiki make me well – well, It will always have a good effect, as a Reiki practitioner you get a understanding of Reiki on a more profound level.  Reiki is a highly refined, highly intelligent energy, we may not always want to accept the outcomes of a Reiki session if we still have a bad back etc, but believe me the energy will have gone to where it is needed, at that exact moment in time.  This may be on a 'causative' level, so it may first be healing us on a mental, emotional or spiritual level.  And it is often this healing that helps us to deal/cope better with the physical illness or disease we have. Whether this effect will be physical, psychological or emotional cannot be said in advance.   We learn to have no expectations with Reiki, as expectations hold us back, trust in it, and it will heal you.


The Neuroplasticity of the Brain (Sourced from: Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis by James L Oschman)


Your thoughts and emotions, your consciousness alters body and mind/spirit. Recently science has accepted this as a fact.  The human brain actually changes depending on what is thought and felt. By disciplining heart and mind the brain mass is stimulated and modified.  This process is known as the Neuroplasticity of the Brain.  The nerve cells are connected by tiny hairs called Dendrites, that enable communication between the cells.  Whether or not the capped dendrites re-grow in a damaged nerve cell, and how many of them re-grow seems to depend upon the stimulation of that particular part of the brain.  This is just one more reason to treat your head and the heads of your friends, family and clients intensively.


There are a few occasions when you would start feet first instead of shoulders/head first, ie, if there are any neurological conditions then it is advisable to start from the feet, bringing often blocked energy downwards first through the feet, instances when you would start feet first are if someone was suffering, MS, ME, Severe Migraines, Epilepsy, or other similar neurological conditions. 


Reiki is not only energy and light – it is love.  By receiving a loving touch, positive physical and emotional responses are triggered and brain and body change.  Mental and emotional processes find new avenues of expression and you start to feel happier, and this happiness is all our inherent birth right.


Byosen The Core of Reiki


The Byosen is the frequency that is emitted from a tense, injured or ill body part when the body and lymph vessels are blocked due to the accumulation of toxins.  But that is not all there is to it.  It is also the reaction of the body to the incoming Reiki energy – the healing process!


The Byosen is a sign of life – our body is in constant movement searching for its natural balance. This balance does not remain forever, it changes moment by moment – and so do we.  The Byosen often accumulates on the upper part of the body first.  If someone has a strong Byosen in between the shoulder blades for example, it is vital that you treat him intensively there before the Byosen moves downwards and accumulates around an inner organ. 


According to Japanese Reiki Masters ‘Reiki’ detoxifies the Body - (Sourced from ‘This is Reiki’ by Frank Arjava Petter)


We will use the analogy ‘The Muddy Stream’ – when you look at a stream it looks beautiful and clear.  But when you rough up the waters (ie, give a Reiki treatment) the mud from the bottom of the stream comes up and the whole stream looks muddy.  In terms of the body this means that the toxins that have accumulated have entered the bodily fluids.  Those toxins now flow downstream to be eliminated through the blood, the lymph, the sweat and the gastric juices.  In the course of the treatments, the body is cleansed more and more, until the river is clean and free of toxins.  The mud particles that are dissolved in the detoxifying process are siphoned off.  But some of them escape and fall back to the bottom of the stream.  In the next treatment, these particles are again brought to the surface and eliminated.  This may need to be repeated over several days or even weeks. The body then returns to it’s natural equilibrium and when more toxins have accumulated in the future, they are eliminated by further treatments.  Once the stream is in its original state, the recipient’s body is healthy.  This is why daily treatments for one self and others are so important.

The Five Levels of Byosen 


These different sensations may be felt by the Practitioner and some may also be felt by the client, it is likely the client will feel the sensations of heat and cold, but they may also feel tingling, feel the energy flowing through their bodies and have the odd pain as energy is shifting blockages.


Level 1 – Heat – called Onnetsu in Japanese.  Onnetsu means temperature, heat or fever.  This temperature is perceived as higher than the normal body temperature.  This perception means that toxins have accumulated which need to be eliminated.  The incoming energy supports the elimination process. We are in the Green Zone here.


Level 2 – Strong Heat – called Atsui Onnetsu.  The word Atsui means hot, and this heat makes your palms sweat; you may also feel your hands are burning hot, on fire!  At this level more toxins have accumulated but it is still in the Green Zone.


Level 3 – Tingling – called Piri Piri Kan.  The word Piri Piri describes the sound and movement of the energy in your hands.  The word Kan means perception.  The tingling may hardly be tangible but can also be experienced as pins and needles, as a magnetic feeling, or as your hands becoming numb.  Numbness is a strong Byosen Level 3.  The third level of Byosen is the dividing line between health and sickness.  If you feel a Piri Piri Kan in a certain area you know that this body part needs Reiki attention to avoid further complications.  Green to Orange Zone


Level 4 – Pulsation, throbbing, cold, called Hibiki.  The word hibiki means pulsation or throbbing.  It can be perceived as strong or weak, slow or fast.  It may be perceived as being just under the surface of the skin, or way down in the deeper tissue.  When your hands feel cold, this is a strong Byosen level 4.  When you feel this you know the body has accumulated too much toxin.  An Acute infection or extreme tiredness can also provoke this type of Byosen.  Orange to Red Zone


Level 5 – Pain in the Hand called Itami – Means pain.  The pain may be felt in the hand, in the fingers, fingertips or on the back of the hand.  It may move up your hand to your wrist, towards the elbow and may continue all the way to your shoulder.  Dont worry the Pain is the result of POSITIVE Reiki Energy flowing into a strongly negatively charged body area.  Stay in this position until the pain subsides.  Change hands if it becomes too uncomfortable, or take them off for a moment and then back on.  Now in the Red Zone.


The Movement of Byosen

The Byosen does not remain constant in almost all cases, but it moves in cycles.  Usually, these cycles come and go in intervals of 10-15 minutes.  That means that you may have to stay in one position for a while in order to detect and watch the Byosen. Reiki works like a vacation you prevent illness from Erupting.  Even when the doctor cannot help anymore, it is often possible to be and remain pain-free and free of complaints with Reiki.  If a client takes or took strong medication/drugs, the immune system shuts down.  When the immune system is down, the body does not react to the incoming energy and the Byosen hides deep within the body.  Once energised, the body wakes up and begins to work.