Our past reviews have now been copied and saved here, due to the increasing costs of Wix Apps.  As I am not planning on expanding the business further I no longer feel the need to pay this extra cost.  


During the last 14 months it’s been a tough and difficult time and the idea of not being able to have guided reiki practice and connection with my reiki family would have been pretty hard. So when Natalie organised the zoom reiki support and gatherings I was thrilled. A little dubious maybe but how wrong I was, the energy was incredible and being able to see other members was heart lifting. The power of reiki has no barriers. Love peace and light 🙏

Amanda jane - 3 months ago (2nd Degree Okuden)

During the pandemic it has been such a blessing to be able to continue reiki support groups via zoom and did not affect the energy or connection.
It has been an enlightening experience and proves reiki energy has no boundaries and amazes me every day.
Natalie’s constant support, care and humour through these challenging times has been awesome 💜🌈💜thankyou xx

Janet – 3 months ago (3rd Degree Shinpiden) 


I am so grateful to Natalie for 'thinking outside the square' when lockdown occurred and face to face meetings were no longer possible. Natalie provided her Reiki group healing sessions via Zoom instead.
I was initially unsure about attending a class via Zoom because I am not very 'computer savvy' but I soon relaxed and enjoyed the benefits of being able to attend a Reiki class in the comfort of my own home.
Continuing my Reiki development online and having contact with Natalie and my  fellow Reiki friends has been a great comfort to me in these stressful and uncertain covid times.   Thank you so much,  Natalie 🙏💜

Amy Murray - 3 months ago (3rd Degree Shinpiden)


I am very glad that we could continue our reiki group healing sessions via Zoom during the pandemic. I completed my reiki Master Practitioner Teacher certification remotely and feel that it enriched my experience as I could truly learn to connect with reiki source energy from my quiet space at home. Thank you, Natalie!  

Catherine Green - 3 months ago (3rd Degree Shinpiden)


Over the past year with all the covid stuff going on. I have had to spend a lot of time at home. I felt saddened that we wouldn't be able to attend Natalie's reiki room, as I was just about to embark on the master course. 
I need not of feared as Natalie set up her courses and support on zoom. I have to say it was a life saver. It actually worked just as well as if we were all in the same room, feeling and experiencing the lovely energy, being able to receive and send healing to others worked just as well. We did have a few internet hiccups along the way, which gave us a giggle. But they were short lived and easier as we went along. Natalie as always very supportive and understanding. I would highly recommend anyone giving Reiki a go and enjoying the lovely healing space. On Zoom or in Naralie's room either works. So big thumbs up.

Bev Ridgway – 3 months ago (3rd Degree Shinpiden)

Spending anytime in the presence of Natalie and fellow Reiki friends is always a privilege and a real pleasure. During lockdown I have attended an online zoom class which was a powerful and relaxing experience all from the comfort of your own home. Reiki is something that personally brings me inner peace and grounding, which is much needed, especially over the past year and a half. Thank you Natalie for being you. Your energy is very special xx

Chris Jackson – 3 months ago (2nd Degree Okuden)


I have really enjoyed all the reiki courses and support groups that I have completed online via zoom with Natalie.  I have continued my reiki learning whilst being in lockdown. Natalie is a fantastic reiki teacher and she has so much knowledge about reiki and so supportive I can’t thank you enough Natalie what you have done for us all. Thank you 🙏🏻.

One of the best thing for me is that it’s so lovely to learn whilst in the comfort of your own home and you don’t even have to leave the house!! Great, if like me you live out the area, you can still attend courses and support groups via zoom.  I have loved every minute of it.  Thank you Natalie and I would highly recommend all the reiki courses whether online zoom courses or in house. Thank you Natalie 🙏🏻Xx

Clare Poole - 3 months ago (3rd Degree Shinpiden)


I felt very intrigued and interested in attending The Karuna Reiki course for some time. Wow I am so glad that I did the course was amazing.   I have completed my Shoden, and Okuden course with Natalie and after the course had finished I started to use Karuna reiki with my reiki practice and fits in beautifully. The symbols are so powerful and beautiful and I enjoy working with the Karuna Reiki energy. 
I would highly recommend the Karuna Reiki course.  Natalie is such a fantastic teacher and she has got so much knowledge and experience of reiki and Natalie is so supportive.  The course delivery was excellent!!  I would highly recommend Natalie as a reiki teacher and I would highly recommend Karuna Reiki to anyone that is interested in attending the course.  

Thank you so much Natalie Xx 🙏

Clare Poole - 7 months ago (Karuna Reiki Course)


Having just completed my level 1 with Natalie yesterday, I have to say what a fantastic teacher she is. Her in depth knowledge, her patience and sense of humour are second to none. I would highly recommend Natalie to anyone starting out on their reiki journey. I look forward to completing my level two with her when the time comes 🙏🙏🙏🙏🌈🌈🌈🌈fantastic. 


Elizabeth Powell - 7 months ago (1st Degree Shoden)


I just finished my level 1 with Natalie, And I'd highly recommend to anyone she's such a lovely lady who makes you feel like part of the family straight away. She's such a wonderful teacher! So glad I started with her and thank you so much again Natalie for all that you've taught me🙏 certainly changed my life. Look forward to continuing my reiki journey with you Natalie in April🤗💜🌈✨✨✨✨✨✨

Laura - 7 months ago (1st Degree Shoden)

I started my Japanese Reiki with Natalie about a year and a half ago & all I can say it has been nothing but amazing! I have done Shoden, Okuden & Shinpiden starts in a few days. The energy both in house and zoom is nothing short of sublime. Natalie is a very patient, caring teacher. The courses & support groups are always interesting and fun.
I heard Natalie talking about Karuna reiki and so I spoke to her about it. It just felt right and I knew that it was very much part of my journey. I was not disappointed, both Karuna one & Karuna 2 were amazing and so interesting. I agree with another reviewer that the energy was so different ~ it certainly is. 

I highly recommend Natalie to everyone looking to do Karuna Reiki, you most certainly will not be disappointed.✨

Sue Johnstone - 8 months ago (2nd Degree Okuden and Karuna Reiki)


After completing Shoden & Okuden with Natalie I was still wanting to develop my Reiki journey and my Shinpiden course doesn’t start till January Natalie mentioned Karuna Reiki.  Oh my word this 2 day course was truly amazing the energy is so different but combines beautifully with traditional reiki.

Even though the course was done over zoom the experiences were truly amazing Natalie delivered the course beautifully too. I would highly recommend this course and can’t wait to continue my traditional and Karuna reiki journey with Natalie 


Clare H - 8 months ago (Karuna Reiki Course)


I first became interested in reiki from a post from Natalie on Facebook. I was intrigued in finding out a bit more, so attended an introduction to reiki with Natalie and I’m so glad I did. From there my reiki journey began. I’m about to take my 2nd degree and am grateful to have had Natalie’s guidance, help and support along the way. She is a wonderful lady and a great teacher. The other ladies are fabulous and I feel very blessed to have lovely reiki friends to share my journey with. Reiki really has changed my life.   Thank you Natalie.


Sarah Y - a year ago (2nd Degree Okuden)


When I first started my Reiki journey it was with the Western-style Reiki and I had no idea that their was such a thing as Japanese style Reiki (original version of Reiki). Once I became aware of it last year, I became intrigued. I made contact with Natalie and it was by far one of the best things that I have ever done. Natalie is a truly lovely, down to earth lady & it has been a pleasure to take this healing journey with her. I am about to take my 2nd degree in it and I am very much looking forward to taking this step with Natalie and all the other wonderful ladies. 
I highly recommend Natalie to everyone interested in Reiki, you most certainly will not be disappointed. 5⭐️

Sue - a year ago (2nd Degree Okuden)

  • I was interested in learning Usui Reiki. A good friend of mine highly recommended Natalie and Relax and Heal with Reiki in Middlewich. Due to living out of the area and shift working I thought that It would be impossible to attend. I didn’t hesitate in contacting Natalie and after a quick response Natalie was so supportive and accommodating and working around my shift patterns. Within a short space of time my level one course was booked. As I lived out of the area Natalie provided  me with precise directions that helped me so much. Natalie is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, caring and has such a beautiful soul. Natalie has welcomed me into Relax and Heal Reiki Middlewich  and we are all part of one happy  reiki family.  I am so grateful to have met you Natalie and Relax and Heal with Reiki services it has helped
    me so many ways on my reiki journey to grow and develop as a person so that I can support myself and others.  I am so
    Looking forward to attending my usui reiki practitioner course level 2. As I grow and develop my learning and skills, I am so happy and proud  to have Natalie teaching me Reiki and I would highly recommend Reiki courses at Relax and Heal with Reiki in Middlewich.

Clare P - a year ago (2nd Degree Okuden)


I have had the pleasure of Natalie’s treatments, guidance and teachings for the past 2 years now and I can honestly say that she has changed the way I approach my life whilst introducing me to the wonderful world of reiki. She always creates a safe and loving environment in which you can really escape and heal from anything you may be going through. She has given me so much support and patience whilst I develop my own practices and I just know that life would have been much harder through the last year if I hadn’t of had her in my life! I’d recommend to anybody with the slightest interest in energy and healing, you won’t regret it! X

Hannah - 2 years ago (2nd Degree Okuden)


Natalie is a an excellent teacher, she has helped me complete Reiki Level 1 & 2. It is a such a lovely experience being part of Natalie group. She is a lovely warm and compassionate lady.  I recommend her classes to everyone.


Georgina - 2 years ago (2nd Degree Okuden)

Absolutely fantastic meeting Natalie and a wonderful group of ladies/gentleman, Reiki is not just for ladies. Natalie is very welcoming, caring and compassionate. You are made to feel very relaxed and comfortable. Nerves are soon diminished and chanting feels cathartic. I’m very much looking forward to starting my 2nd degree course.See you soon Natalie 💜 xx Caroline Bailey – 2 years ago (1st Degree Shoden)When you have the privilege to meet Natalie, you will know straight away how lovely and caring, positive and knowledgeable she is with Reiki. You are made so welcome and feel so comfortable with each and every visit and everyone I have met along the way has been so supportive.

If you are inquisitive or are ready to start your journey, I can highly recommend Natalie xxx


Michelle Cooksey - 2 years ago (1st Degree Shoden)


I needed to do something to help me look after myself as a therapist. I had never considered doing Reiki before but the introduction course was so informative and provided the information that enable me to understand the wonders of Reiki. From there I have completed Reiki Level 1 with Natalie and have met wonderful ladies.

Natalie is informative, knowledgeable and wonderful teacher. Learning with Natalie is so easy comfortable and such a joy. If you are thinking about trying Reiki that start with the introduction course you will not regret it.


Anne Scrase - 2 years ago (1st Degree Shoden)


I have been looking for “something” for most of my adult life and I have definitely found “it” with Reiki.  Taking that first step to go to Natalie ‘s introduction to Reiki evening has changed my life.

Natalie is a warm, friendly and very informative Reiki teacher.  I have also met lots of other wonderful people.  For me the continued support that you get is amazing.

Annette Halling - 2 years ago (1st Degree Shoden) (Annette has now completed RMP&T in 3rd Degree Shinpiden)

I phoned Natalie at a point in my life when i couldn't see light at the end of the tunnel and didn't know how i was going to face the future.  This was just over 3 years ago and today I owe her my life and could never repay her. 

Natalie believed in me and showed me with Reiki how to heal myself. I knew I had found a very special person straight away on our first meeting, Natalie exudes a beautiful calm serenity in everything she does and says. I have come a long way on my path in life since finding Natalie, her treatments and teachings have helped me to become a confident and calm person. The most important training to me has been taking my Reiki 2, which changed my life for ever. It has been such a very special journey and I've been through quite a few tunnels along the way but with Reiki I always find the light. I am now studying my Level 3 and hopefully can go on and help others as Natalie has helped me. I feel so very grateful for having met you Natalie. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, I would not be the person I am without you.

Love and Hugs Lisa xxxx


Lisa James – 2 years ago (2nd Degree Okuden)



If you are intrigued about Reiki and would like to experience the wonderful benefits of learning Reiki then I highly recommend a course with Natalie.

Reiki has enabled me to help myself, family and friends to stop, relax and refresh in todays ever-stressful world, which is always a wonderful experience for myself and the person receiving Reiki.

Natalie gently teaches, guides and encourages me along my Reiki journey (on which I have a long way to go yet!) and has provided excellent learning tools to assist me. I have met and made some lovely, like-minded friends through Reiki and I can guarantee that there will be a warm welcome from everyone, particularly Natalie, when you attend a course. 

Natalie will assist you in any way that she can to help you to start your own Reiki journey - enjoy!

Amy Murray - 2 years ago (3rd Degree Shinpiden)


Natalie is a warm welcoming passionate Teacher.  I would highly recommend her 🙏🙇😜

Bev Ridgway - 2 years ago (Bev has gone on to completing her RMP&T Course – 3rd Degree Shinpiden)



I started my Reiki learning journey with Natalie over 4 years ago, with an Introductory course. Since then I have completed Japanese Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3.

Natalie is a very gentle, kind teacher and always keen to see the positives in students as well as every situation in life.

The regular share groups are very supportive, helping to increase our knowledge and understanding of Reiki.

Reiki retreats are also open to those at level 2 or above. These are a chance to get away from everyday life and immerse yourself in Reiki for the weekend, with like-minded friends. I come away from these very enjoyable weekends feeling renewed and like I have had a very relaxing holiday.

Being part of Relax and Heal with Reiki is like having a very caring, extended family.

Janet R - 2 years ago (2nd Degree Okuden) (Janet has gone on to completing RMP&T – 3rd Degree Shinpiden)

As a student on these Reiki courses, I have to say you will be very happy with the results!

Natalie is highly knowledgeable and incredibly passionate. She is a caring, supportive and wonderful teacher.


Catherine Green - 2 years ago (2nd Degree Okuden)

Catherine has completed her 3rd Degree Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Course and now works as a Reiki Practitioner in the Middlewich area.


I am so happy that I found Natalie and her beautiful soul. Natalie has a special gift which I am delighted to say, she has shared with me, and so many others too.

I do not know a more pure, loving, giving and caring person on the earth. Patient, knowledgeable, kind and sensitive, I am privileged to have such a warm and generous spirit in my life.


Linda - 3 years ago (1st Degree Shoden)


I have completed my Reiki Introduction and level 1 and have to say I loved every minute of it.  Natalie is a very warm kind caring person and put me at ease straight away.  I am looking forward to continuing my journey  and learn more about this great gift. Thankyou Natalie 


Janet Rawlinson - 4 years ago (1st Degree Shoden) (Janet has gone on to completed 3rd Degree Shinpiden RMP&T)



Natalie introduced me to reiki over three years ago after a very stressful time of my life. I have completed my reiki 1 and 2 and love the classes on meditations. I reiki myself every day to help me relax and help me sleep.Thank you Natalie for teaching me this great gift and I am sure that you will impact so many more lives with this humble knowledge. X


Jane Walker – 4 years ago (2nd Degree Okuden)


I have covered 3 courses with Natalie, Intro and Reiki 1 and 2, plus attended a weekend retreat and received treatments.

Natalie is amazing, the most generous soul you will ever have the privilege to meet. Her knowledge, teaching manner and respect for others is simply the best. I cannot recommend highly enough.


Stephanie Estall-Knight - 5 years ago (2nd Degree Okuden)

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Natalie the tutor is one of the most caring people I know. She has helped and encouraged me in my understanding of what Reiki is. Putting herself out for all her students she goes the extra mile.

I have just enjoyed a long weekend relaxing, meditating and enjoying the company of other students or should I say friends.

I am thrilled to be one of Natalie’s students. Nina

Nina Tabeart - 5 years ago

(Completed 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki in Usui Reiki Ryoho – Original Japanese Reiki) (with much love and respect, rest in peace our dear friend and Reiki sister Nina)


I have just completed the introduction to Reiki with Natalie. I was in the group with Michelle (see below). I did the course because I was curious about what Reik was all about and how it can help me and in turn help me to help my family and friends.

The introduction not only satisfied my curiosity but left me wanting to learn and develop more. The information and CD's we were given during the course were and are still very helpful. Natalie is a very warm and caring person who is passionate about Reike and it's benefits, which shows in the way she teaches. If like me you are curious I would highly recommend doing the introduction course with Natalie, in my opinion you won't find a better teacher. I am really looking forward to our attunement in the new year ladies.

Sharron Dudley - 7 years ago (1st Degree Shoden)

I have just completed the introduction to reiki course it was very enlightening and informative. Natalie is very welcoming and makes it so interesting. We covered everything from the history to experiencing some reiki healing on us! The group were lovely too and we all got on so well, we have all chosen to continue and have our attunement with Natalie in the new year. If you are interested in learning about reiki I would highly recommend.Michelle Easteal – 7 years ago (1st Degree Shoden)

I have been interested in and taken courses in different holistic therapies for many years, so it was a natural progression for me to study Reiki.

I have Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 with Natalie as my teacher who i find to be a very thorough and yet a relaxing teacher who clearly loves sharing her knowledge of this subject. Lots of information is shared in her classes.

The regular share groups are a great way to exchange ideas with others and to help develop a deeper understanding of Reiki.

Along the way i have made some good friends and not only have i used Reiki on my friends and family but also on my pets and as we know animals do not have any pre- conceived ideas on what should work - it's great when you see the benefits
Thank you Natalie - Donna x

Donna - 7 years ago (2nd Degree Okuden)


I can't help thanking the wonder of reiki every day, I don't question, just heal, thank you Natalie for being such a good teacher!!! The best.

I cannot agree with you more how reiki can assist with emotional stress, along with every other healing wherever it is needed.

For the good is exactly right. Xx :)

Jeanette – 7 years ago (1st Degree Shoden)

I'm pleased and proud to call myself a Reiki Practitioner, all thanks to Natalie Mitchell. I studied Reiki 1 & 2, with Natalie and not only have I embraced the difference it has made to my life and the quality of my health, I am astounded at the difference it has made to others too.

Natalie has exceptional qualities both as a person and as a Reiki Master/Teacher. Her teachings are methodical, informative and always good fun!! She firmly endorses as with anything the more you put in, the more you are rewarded. I personally have found this to be very true. To help a friend or family member by being able to offer them Reiki treatments and to see them improve, is honestly reward enough.

The Reiki Nights or 'social gatherings' Natalie holds for the students to practise Reiki on each other are a wonderful way to experience that energy. It's lovely to chat and swap some amazing stories too :)

I would genuinely recommend to anyone even remotely interested in getting back to being themselves, to feel well, to be able to relax and to sleep well, then do give Reiki a go. That was my position 18 months ago and it was the best decision I ever made to invest in Natalie and Reiki. 

Joanne Johnson (Middlewich) - 7 years ago (1st Degree Shoden – Joanne has now completed 3rd Degree Shinpiden RMP&T and Karuna Reiki I & II)


I found Natalie online and what a gift she has brought to my life, the art of healing, relaxation & improved sleeping.

Reiki 1 opens you up to the skills required to heal yourself, basically you get out of Reiki what you put in regarding time invested in yourself.

I have also made some great new friends of like-minded people along the way. I cant wait for my Reiki 2 course now. Rose Sandbach Reiki 1 student.

Rose Darlington - 7 years ago (Reiki 1)

I looked into Reiki a year ago and so booked myself onto the introduction to Reiki course with Natalie. I found it really interesting and continued with my Reiki 1 and 2 courses.

Reiki becomes a part of your life, it can change the way you look at things big and small!

Natalie is a lovely person who is very down to earth and great at teaching.

Reiki get togethers can be attended so you can practise and talk with other Reiki students. My children are always asking if I can do some Reiki before they go to bed and fall asleep in minutes :) - Michelle Sandbach

Michelle Groves - 7 years ago (1st Degree Shoden)

* 29/8/21 - Michelle has continued her training to 3rd Degree Shinpiden and is a Reiki Practitioner in Sandbach, Cheshire).


DO NOT WORRY is one of the principles of Reiki, and worry was one of things in my life that was giving me a lot of stress. I had several treatments with Natalie and then I joined her Reiki 1 course.

I can now say that Reiki has changed my life, my outlook to life and my understanding of everything. I was a firm believer of energies, yet through the course I understand it better and can also feel it in my hands and on others when we do the hands-on treatment in the Reiki share gatherings with all of Natalie's students. Natalie is a very special person and teacher.

The course is very informative, with ways that help with energy building and meditation.

I look forward to doing my Reiki 2 course with Natalie. Reiki has helped me overcome fears and deal with life's ups and downs without stressing.

Nahla Mansour - 7 years ago (1st Degree Shoden – Nahla has gone on to completed her 3rd Degree Shinpiden RMP&T Course)



I have done reiki level one with Natalie and I am going to be doing my reiki level two with her. She is an amazing teacher and a very warm and special person. Her courses are very thorough and she provides you with lots of information and cd's to help you.


Natalie also holds regular reiki nights with other students where we practice hands on reiki, attunements and meditation. I also have had several reiki treatments from Natalie which have helped with many aspects of my life.


Rebecca Curzon - 7 years ago (1st Degree Shoden – Rebecca has gone on to completing her 3rd Degree Shinpiden RMP&T Course)