Archived Record of Courses and Support Groups Past and Present

Are you a Reiki Practitioner without a Support Network? If so, I would like to welcome you to 'Relax and Heal with Reiki' Support Groups in Middlewich.  For more information just look under the tab 'Local Practitioners'.

Regular Support Groups are typically held on either a Wednesday or Thursday, mornings and evenings, giving as much flexibility and support as possible to students/practitioners.  Courses are sometimes pre-planned and sometimes arranged as and when students request them.  Our Support Groups are either 1 or 2 hours long.  Times are 10am till 12pm & 7pm till 9pm (with the exception of RMP course training which is typically extended half an hour).   Our Inner Being Meditation Hour and Empowerment Hour alternate on a fortnightly basis, one being at 7.15pm to 8.15pm and the other being at 8.30pm to 9.30pm, giving students an opportunity to join either group from time to time.

Support All Levels - 2021 to 2022 - During Covid our numbers naturally fell, so we changed our groups and merged together a group, to 'support all' levels and lineages of students.  This was a success whilst we worked in small groups, and online.  Now in May 2022 things are returning to normal, students are returning to the reiki room, and so we have adapted again, giving Level 1 and 2 students their own group, and Level 3 students their own group.

No Longer Available - 2021 - Online - Inner Being Meditation Hour (Zoom) - an opportunity for students to receive and share a space of healing through meditation, and an opportunity to delve deeper into their inner selves, their inner being.  This was our Monthly Charity Event.

This is now our 'Empower 45' (Monthly Charity Event) - New for 2020 - Online - Empowerment Hour (Zoom) - an opportunity for students to join in distantly with Hatsurei and Group Empowerment.  Due to Covid-19 we have found ways to work together with the energy through our online support groups.

Hatsurei/Empowerments Support Group:   We begin with the practice of Hatsurei, a technique to cleanse and purify your energy field, we then move onto Empowerments when numbers and support allows.  Empowerments give students the space to heal, the ability to channel more refined energy/Reiki, to feel more balanced/centred, to ultimately finding their 'true selves'.  The rest of the session varies, but will involve either some circle healing, or group healing on a therapy bed, sometimes chanting with the energy of the symbols, or using other meditations to bring the energy within.  Groups may also share energy (work) in pairs or small groups. 

After an Empowerment or healing session, 'stuff' that no longer serves the student, may begin to be released.  This may not be immediately obvious, but typically over the next few days students may recognize on occasion, a cleanse is taking place.  This may result in a cold, feeling a bit up and down for a few days, a few tears, or anger etc.  No one knows who and how the cleanse will materialize, but it is always a good, positive thing, as it is acting like a detox, freeing you of negative energy that has been residing deep inside, which left, will eventually affect your health.  Support is given both during and after Reiki support groups, so if you are having a 'cleanse' and need extra support, please don't hesitate to get in touch, as distance healing can be arranged ... believe me it is very powerful!

Share - Support Group: (Put on hold due to Covid-19 and social distancing) This involves group healing, with many hands-on healing, giving students the opportunity to both give and receive, to practice healing each other on a therapy bed or chair.  Students are often shown both Western techniques, using the Byosen scanning method, and Original Japanese, using Reiji ho, an intuitive practice.  Due to Covid-19 this support group is no longer practiced, but we can still enjoy group healing through intent, instead of hands on.

2nd Degree Practice Group: (Usui Reiki Ryoho) - this support group gives students the opportunity to delve deeper into the practice of 2nd Degree - working with and often chanting the energy of Earth Ki (physical reality); Heavenly Ki (spiritual essence) and students often have the opportunity to practice Distance Healing (Oneness/Connectedness) on one another across the room. The practices can often be used towards a students requirements for certification at 2nd degree.  This group is now incorporated into our 'Healing Space' group, as we have evolved we appreciate you don't have to have a 2nd degree certificate in order to send distance healing!

3rd Degree Shinpiden Training:  (Usui Reiki Ryoho) - this support group gives students the opportunity to delve deeper into the practice of 3rd degree - working with and chanting the energy of the 4th Master Symbol DKM - Great Bright Light - Practicing a variety of techniques, going further into the esoteric practices of the system of Reiki and practicing and giving empowerments/attunements on each other.  On occasions students meet up in the Reiki room and send 'distance' empowerments to other members of the group, and friends and family in need of healing.

Inner Peace Meditations Workshops:  New in 2017 we ran a course of 'Inner Peace Workshops' over a 6 month period.  The aim of the meditations (Buddhist) was to deepen the students understanding of their 'true self'.  This unfolds gradually as they work with each of the very powerful meditations and techniques.  With regular practice the meditations enable the student to live a life filled with more joy, peace, love and happiness, whilst establishing their own spiritual connection.   Session 1 - Being in the experience; S2 - Letting go and moving forward; S3 - Building on the love aspect; S4 - Taking responsibility for ourselves ie, our thoughts and feelings; S5 - Self-Transformation; S6 - Review.  Due to the success and demand, Inner Peace Meditation support classes  have now been introduced to support those students that are previously practiced in the meditations, and to give others the opportunity to practice and benefit from the meditations.   Due to its popularity, the course ended up being repeated in 2019 and again in 2020/21.  Some students attended all 3 courses, and each time they were able to go deeper into the experiences.  Also shared were some powerful 'True Meditation' recordings, which for some were liberating, along with Ho'oponopono from our Inner Peace workshops.

Pure Share Groups and Empowerment and Share - 2017-2019 - Many hands on healing on a therapy bed - became untenable during Covid-19.

1st Degree Shoden Support - 2017-2020  - This support group was offered, but the majority of students soon moved onto 2nd Degree Okuden, so there were few bookings.  Time was better spent offering a wider ranging support group, hence:  New group developed in 2020: Support All Levels. (Online)  This group gives all levels from 1 to 3 the opportunity to practice their reiki, receive healing or complete requirements for certification.


Heart Space Healing - 2018-2019 (Distantly) Opening our 'heart spaces', letting the energy flow to those both in the group distantly and those who needed healing at the time.  This group dropped off over time, due to the variety of other groups offered.

New for January 2018:  I started running the first of our Reiki Mastership courses in Original Japanese Reiki, Shinpiden (3rd Degree). The course will take around 1 year to complete. Due to the support that this requires I will only be running one Masters course in 2018. I can also offer this course as a Distance Learning course but would prefer that anyone completing it in this manner, attend at least 2 of the Reiki Master support classes (unless the distance was further than an hour away), and so therefore, they would also need to start around the same time as the live course.  The course is also offered as a Bespoke Course for those who are unable to commit to the slower pace of our 8 monthly RMP&T Course.  A Bespoke 2 full day course was completely successfully in 2019 with a student I met at Glastonbury on the Holy Fire Course (she thought she was practicing and teaching Original Japanese Reiki - but had not been introduced to working with the energy within - it was a wonderful experience for us both, to see the smile on her face whilst experiencing for the first time energy within!).  This course was repeated for new students in 2020 and again in 2021.  Making a total of 17 Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Students.