Archived Record of New Courses and Support Groups

New for January 2018:  I started running the first of our Reiki Mastership courses in Original Japanese Reiki, Shinpiden (3rd Degree). The course will take around 1 year to complete. Due to the support that this requires I will only be running one Masters course in 2018. I can also offer this course as a Distance Learning course but would prefer that anyone completing it in this manner, attend at least 2 of the Reiki Master support classes (unless the distance was further than an hour away), and so therefore, they would also need to start around the same time as the live course.

New for 2017: 'Inner Peace' Meditation Workshops.  A series of 6 workshops were offered both to groups who could attend in the evening and morning, and who were currently training at Relax and Heal with Reiki. The workshops were once a month, giving the students time to practice between them.  The uptake was fantastic, with a full house. The Workshops have proved to be very beneficial to the students, and the meditations will continue to be encouraged long after the workshops have completed.