Daily Practice for a Life of Good Health and Happiness

The following is to support you in your daily practice of Reiki.  So often, students get attuned to Reiki and then go home and do not really know what to do next, where to start and how to progress with their practice. So here at Relax and Heal with Reiki one of the ways to support you, is by giving you original Japanese energy techniques to build on what you have learnt on the course day, and to help in developing both your energy and your spiritual practice.  


Where to begin:  Get yourself comfortable, spine straight, take a couple of deep breaths and bring your focus to your Hara.  Then start Hatsurei-Ho a practice to strengthen the flow of energy within you, it increases your intuition and purifies your energy field. Hatsurei-Ho incorporates: Kenyoku-Ho, Gassho, The 5 Precepts and Self-Healing. Add in Seishin-Toitsu when you have time, this will help to focus your mind and further develop your sensitivity to energy.


Daily Practice at Shoden - Level 1/1st Degree - Ideally start with 15 minutes per day - but it is not an ideal world that we live in, and it is a very different world from Usui's time.  So we recommend you start with 5 to 10 minutes, creating the habit before attempting a longer regular practice.  A little every day is better than no practice at all!


Start with Kenyoku-Ho (Dry Bathing) – This takes only a minute - Use this technique to brush off any negative energy after you have been in the company of someone negative or had any negative thoughts yourself.

Next comes Joshin Kokyu Ho (the cleansing breathe) Sit comfortably, back straight, soft focus for eyes or close them. Then breathe deeply to release all the tension from your body and bring your focus to your Hara.  Place hands open on your lap for a minute or two.  As you breathe in intend to breathe in Reiki (Light) at your Crown, for your cleansing and allow the breath to flow all the way down to your Hara, filling it with Reiki.  On the Pause breathe, intend that Reiki flows from your Hara, through to fill your whole body, and eventually your skin, as if you were filling a big balloon with air, but you are filling it with a healing light, and then expanding it out into the Universe on the out breathe.  Repeat for a couple of minutes.  Then just sit in the healing space you have created.  

Next place hands in ‘Gassho’ position – Do this for 5 to 20 minutes twice daily.  Concentrate where the two middle fingers come together.  The word literally means ‘two hands coming together’.  It is a gesture of respect, humility & reverence, & is used to connect mind and body.  Whilst in Gassho repeat the Precepts either in your head or out loud, say one or all of them several times and then sit in the energy, and just 'be', if anything comes up, make a note of it afterwards in your Journal.  You may either repeat them all, twice daily or repeat one of them, twice daily. You may want to work with one Precept for a couple of months before moving onto another.  


The 5 Reiki Precepts/Principles



Do Not Anger

Do Not Worry

Be Humble

Be True to Your Way and Your Being

Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others


These were as important to Usui as Self-Healing, as they were seen as the 'Key to inviting Happiness'                             

Self-Treatment – Give yourself whatever time you have, but every now and then give yourself a full hour treatment.  Head or Full Body (3 to 5 minutes for each hand position).  Approx. 15 minutes for the head 30 to 60 minutes for a full body treatment, or work on any areas of illness or concern.  There is a Usui Self-Healing Meditation (15 minutes) long which supports your practice, on Taggart Kings 'Reiki Meditations' CD.

Spend time on 'Mindfulness' make sure that you are bringing this into your daily life, and extend it as your practice progresses.  When possible receive further Reiju blessings from your teacher.  It is the 5 elements, that will take your practice deeper, eventually leading you to your 'true self', and possibly to 'enlightenment'.


Keep a Journal - Fill it in daily when possible, it only has to be a sentence or two to start with.  


Daily Practice at Okuden - Level 2/2nd Degree - Continue your daily practice of Hatsurei and Self healing and now add in working with Symbol 1 CKR for 6 to 9 months , just 5 to 10 minutes a day and when you have time, complete a healing from your Requirements for Certification. 

Symbol one brings in balance and grounding, to make sure we are like the pyramid, with a solid foundation.  Then try working with symbol 2 SHK for 6 to 9 months, this will further deepen your practice and understanding of energy work. 

Send 'distance' healing when you have the opportunity, the energy will see you both in need, so you will benefit too.  Mindfulness should now play a bigger part in your life, and receiving regular Reiju blessings from your teacher, either distantly or online.

Daily Practice at Shinpiden - Level 3/3rd Degree - Continue your daily practice of Hatsurei and Self-healing, sending distance healing when you can.  Completing Empowerments for others and self-empowerments daily.  There are many practices at this level, including regular chanting, practice of Reiji-ho when healing, meditations to deepen your understanding of becoming 'the great bright light', becoming your authentic self/true self ... this is just the start of a wonderful journey.