A Little About Me


I am originally from the Leicester area, a small village called Whetstone.  I moved to Knutsford, Cheshire in 1986 and shortly started our family with my hubby Keith.  We now have grown up children, Lewis and Holly.  In the past we also had some amazing friends/pets from guinea pigs/rabbits to a cute Yorkshire Terrier, a cuddly Keeshond and two beautiful natured German and Belgium shepherd dogs which we rescued.  We no longer have any pets on the earthly plain, but they remain in our hearts forever.


We moved from Knutsford to Middlewich over 20 years ago now and love our walks down by the canal, love the countryside and enjoy the small things in life.  I have had a variety of jobs and have a variety of interests.  I started off in the typing-pool at NNC (Whetstone – moving to Booths Hall, Knutsford) and soon became Secretary to the Contracts Manager and then later to the Legal Manager.  After having the children I set up various small businesses, as I wanted to be a working from home mum.  My first business was a typing business called ‘Words Unlimited’, after that I dabbled in dried flowers for a couple of years.  Next I ran my own Playgroup for nearly 12 years ‘Kids Corner Playgroup’, I completed 5 First Aid Courses and 2 Counselling Courses, besides dabbling in Water Colours and other Media.  I moved on to be out in the World again, where I was to become Attendance Manager at a local Comp. School.  After having an amazing five years working there, I decided to take some time out to spend with my dogs.  As it happened, our lovely dog ‘Blue’ started going off her legs, so finishing work had clearly been the right decision to make.  With the help of a ‘doggy’ mobile or two, Blue enjoyed a further 18 months of life.


In 2004 I heard about Reiki and decided to attend An Introduction to Reiki Course, at the end of it I went for my First Attunement and then later that year got Attuned to Reiki Level 2. I didn't particularly feel much from the energy, but I practiced on friends and family and the dogs, animals love Reiki too.  Back then we didn't really know what all the different sensations of warmth/hot/cold/tingling/pulsation etc meant.  I knew it was a sign you were connected to the energy, but I didn't understand much more than that despite reading Reiki book after Reiki book.  Over time Reiki went a little further and further into the background, as so often happens, until you need it, again.


When I started to suffer with my own ill health; IBS, arthritus, rhinitus, sinusitis, ashma, a bad back, sciatica and neck problems, and I started booking Dr's appointments and Physio's, it was then that ‘my mum’ asked me why I wasn’t Reikiing myself ... I had simply forgotten all about it.  She inspired me to start researching Reiki again, feeling there must be more to this than I found previously. Since then I have found out so much more than I knew in 2004 about Reiki and its possibilities. Understanding the ‘Byosen’ now all makes so much more sense and this is thanks to the pioneering work of Frank Arjava Petter (website Reikidharma.com).  Now, as I have worked with the energy daily for many years, and my health has improved hugely on every level, I feel even more passionate about spreading ‘Reiki’ to friends, family and beyond, as I gain a greater understanding of this remarkable energy and what it's capable of.  We all have Reiki in us and it just needs awakening, the self-healing possibilities are endless. Hopefully my passion for this remarkable healing energy shines through and perhaps today I have inspired you to give it a go, have a session or get empowered, work with the energy, discover that you have your own healing ability, and not just physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual.


I would just like to finish by saying I feel completely honoured and privileged to be able to pass Reiki onto others.  I am meeting some wonderful people along the way, like minded people, who want to understand Reiki,  heal themselves and support others through healing.  It is truly wonderful when someone else discovers that Reiki is very real and that they can feel the energy, and feel the health benefits and they too go on and share it.  Thank you for reading.  As always any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.   


​Love and Healing Light to you all, Natalie Xxx




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