Take your health back into your own hands with the Ancient Healing Art of Reiki - Natalie Mitchell Holistic Therapist

Hi I am Natalie and I would like to wish you a warm welcome to my web page.   I hope you find everything that you need here, to enable you to become more knowledgeable about Reiki, and with this information you are then better placed to decide if Reiki is something you would like to explore further.

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I have been teaching Reiki for nearly 7 years. I am so passionate about sharing Reiki, as over the years I have seen Reiki transform so many lives … So, if you are ready for change, and you are open to a system of natural healing by laying your hands on or above a person, then keep reading to find out what Reiki can do for you and your loved ones.  


I have always believed that our health, first and foremost is our own responsibility, and whilst there are times when we need to turn to conventional medicine, there are many times when we can in fact heal ourselves.  


We can of course also use Reiki alongside any conventional medicine we are receiving, because Reiki has few contraindications and it is always safe.  We all have this ability, it is not something someone gives to you, it is something someone; 'A Reiki Teacher' can help you awaken.  Once awakened, it is then your choice how much time you spend developing the energy to heal yourself, rather than relying on others.  As with most things in life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.


If you give Reiki a chance I believe the results may be incredible.  You start thinking differently, more positive, feeling brighter, happier, less stressed or anxious, generally coping better with the challenges that life has to offer. Reiki is scientifically proven to aid relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety and depression.  We are all supposed to be happy and healthy, and this is a state of mind and body that Reiki can help and heal.


Teaching both

Usui Reiki Ryoho - Traditional Japanese Reiki


Usui Shiki Ryoho - Western Reiki

Here at 'Relax and Heal with Reiki' we keep as close as we can to the original system that Mikao Usui put together, a simple but powerful self-healing and spiritual development system to deeply heal yourselves.  All the tools that you need were original embedded into the system, and there is no need to add anything further.   So when you are training here, in Original Japanese Reiki, you can be assured we will be following closely, the original system of Usui Reiki Ryoho, as taught originally by Mikao Usui.  You may be asking yourself, how I can be so sure of this?  Well it is all down to Lineage and having 2 credible teachers, who also have credible teachers, that have visited Japan, and spent time training with some of Usui's original students.


So, if you are completely new to Reiki, let me explain a little more:  In short, Reiki is a Japanese form of stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Healing must start with yourself and then you can go onto heal others if you so choose - Usui the Founder of Reiki would say "If you cannot heal yourself, then how can you heal others"?  


Reiki does not presume any specific philosophy or religion, but it did grow out of the spirit of Japanese culture and language.  Because there is no belief system attached to Reiki anyone can receive or learn to give a Reiki treatment.  The basis of Reiki is compassion and harmony. Compassion for your fellow beings and balance, creates harmony in your own body.  By living this way you start to really connect with your 'true self'.  

Besides teaching Original Japanese Reiki - Usui Reiki Ryoho, which is a practice for deep self-healing and spiritual development, an internal practice, enabling you to see things differently, to become a stronger person and practitoner of Reiki.  I am also trained in Western Reiki - Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Our Western Reiki courses are for those that prefer a simpler external practice for self-healing and the healing of others.  This is still a powerful system to enable you to live a more balanced and peaceful life.  I have also trained with William Lee Rand (The International Centre for Reiki Training) in May 2019 in Holy Fire Reiki & Karuna II (this system is known for bringing in more refined energies that the planet is now ready for).


Reiki is a Japanese word and means 'Spiritual Energy', it is also often said to be 'Universal Life (Rei) Energy (ki)'. Energy exists in many different forms. Examples of these are: light, heat, mechanical, electrical, sound, chemical, nuclear, atomic energy and so on. Spiritual/Universal Life Energy is no less real than any other energy.  

If you are considering a Reiki course simply look under the tab 'Courses' so that you may decide which is the best course for you.  And if you find a course that suits you go to our 'Book Now' tab to book and pay a deposit.

Reiki in Hospitals and Hospices all over the World

Reiki is now being used more and more in many hospitals and hospices, throughout Great Britain, USA, Australia, New Zealand to name a few.  Research has shown that Reiki is effective on stress, depression, anxiety, tension and pain and this research is helping Reiki to become increasingly accepted within many health settings around the World.


For more information on Reiki and hospitals, copy/paste the link below: www.reikifed.co.uk/2018/06/14/reiki-in-hospitals/

I hope you enjoy the experience of life, and find your inner peace, and your 'true self' with the gift we all have of Reiki.

                                                        Love and Light, Natalie Xx

Opening Hours

Tuesdays:       Open for one-to-one's for those training at R&HwR

Wednesday & Thursday :     10.00am to 12.30pm - Support Groups

Wednesday & Thursday:        6.30pm to 9.00pm - Support Groups

Wednesday & Thursday:        9.30am to 3.30-4.30pm - Courses

Wednesday & Thursday:        6.30pm to 9.30pm - Courses

Friday & Saturday:        Open when required for Courses/Healings

If a course is not running, a support group may be held and vice versa.


A one-to-one session costs between £25 to £35

For students training at R&HwR £25 (between 9am to 5pm)

or £30 (from 5pm onwards).

The cost for the general public is £35.  This covers a minimum hour and  half of my time, an hours Reiki, and time to prepare and refresh.

Contact:        info@relaxandhealwithreiki.co.uk            07784 894439

Facebook:    Relax and Heal with Reiki in Middlewich   

Venue:          The Reiki Room, in our home in Middlewich, Cheshire

On-Going Support

Here at 'Relax and Heal with Reiki' ongoing support is offered to all our Reiki students.


These groups enable students to strengthen their Reiki practice, learn new techniques, make new friends and have the opportunity to practice Reiki both here and to arrange healing exchanges with each other.


We also have our very own 'Reiki Away' Private Facebook page, which is another way of supporting all our students, near and far.


A great way to get started is by joining in with 'An Introduction to Reiki' session, so that you may learn what Reiki is really all about, and if it is something you would like to explore further!

                Love and Healing Light to you all                                              Natalie